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F150 Roush Fox 2.0 Suspension System 422014



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Apr 27, 2021
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2021 F150 STX CrewCab 4x4
Hey @Stage3Motorsports Frank - I have a ‘22 F-150 Lariat Powerboost with Tow Package.

I’m interested in both the Ford Performance Fox 2.0 (M-18000-F15A) and the Roush Fox 2.0 (422014) kits.

0) I see Ford has an updated kit, M-18000-F15AA (ends in two ‘A’s). Do you stock those instead?
1) Can you PM me the forum discount pricing for both kits? Are they both in stock?
2) For my vehicle, does one kit have slightly higher lift than the other? e.g. 2” vs. 2.25”? Or are they both 2”?
3) I’ve seen a few forum posts where they claim 295/75/R18 with 18x9 offset +1 should fit with these kits and no trimming. Can you confirm this?

Not sure how i missed this, so sorry for the delay but ill answer your questions here for everyone.

0) Ford only offers the newer AA part# so unless you find old stock somewhere, all of the kits including ours will be the current AA (our web team just never added the A)

1) I will PM you, the ford kit is down to 1 at the moment and Roush 6

2)Both of these kits will net more than 2" of lift as they are not specially designed for the 21 and will need to be adjusted, you can reference the Roush instructions below.
https://www.roushperformance.com/media/parts/manuals/1115-5B450IM-AA 9-22-21.pdf

3) I dont have enough real world experience with the new model to know all of the fitments and you will likely find better information here on the forums.

Hope that helps.