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Rear Camera while driving like 22’ superduty?


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Mar 4, 2021
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Philadelphia, PA
'21 F150 XLT Sport 2.7EB SCrew 302A High
I'm hoping someone can provide some clarification on exactly what camera-in-motion capabilities I can expect to have, either currently or in the future...

I have a Job1 XLT Sport with 302A High / 360 Assist. I had enabled cams using ForScan and added the bed camera info card, but it wasn't until I was able to get my very first update a couple weeks ago that I was able to see any camera views at motion. Currently, I am able to use the physical camera button to toggle the hitch view and 50/50 (CMHSL + 360) view at speed. My bed camera card remains blank (stationary OR in motion), and its cam soft key doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm not BlueCruise prepped, and after waiting 15 months for my first update I seem to be back in OTA purgatory (stuck at 2.0.0 for several weeks), so I'm not really on board with the "just be patient" strategy. I'd LOVE to have either the rear camera view or a full-screen view of the high-mount (or ideally, both).

I haven't done any extensive "tinkering" in ForScan yet, so I'm wondering if anyone could offer any insight on what my truck is capable of before I either waste my time or fall into some deep rabbit hole of change-and-check ForScan mods. If anyone can tell me what I can reasonably expect to achieve based on my trim and Sync version (21146 r145), it would be greatly appreciated!!!

There are also some references in the programming sheets from @Livnitup that I'm not quite clear on; can anyone offer some elaboration on the definition of the following?
  • DAFVC (Driver-Assist Front View Cam)
  • CSK (Cam Shortcut Key)
  • "RCOD" View
  • CSB (Cam Soft key)
Thanks in advance for any clarifications!