Paint Matched Door Handles


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Sep 18, 2021
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Montgomery, Texas
2021 F150
I ordered paint matched door handles through BFN truck shop during Black Friday, my handles arrived yesterday. The paint quality and paint match is spot on. I have a space white metallic truck?!

You will need a 5mm socket, ratchet, extension, and a flathead screwdriver.

This is what I ordered

I watched these videos pre-install

What I learned is that the back tabs have to be broken for install. You just push a flathead screw driver in and twist. Also to remove the front slide in clip just tap the bottom on a hard surface and it will come free. If you have chrome or plastic handles do it the right way and order paintable oem ones or order through BFN, don’t hassle with painting plastic or chrome!

When you are trying to reinstall the handle do the opposite until popping the back into place. Once you are at this step first slide your socket back onto the set screw then slowly tighten it while firmly pushing the handle.

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles 32369BAC-A31C-4706-BBA2-DA3C38612982

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles EF3C65E0-C0D4-4CC7-870E-89F2DC559821

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles FECCDAA5-D2BD-436A-AF92-C33BC925A538

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles 2A54F259-F03C-4D61-ADE5-721A6AF0507B

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles 8AEC9AD8-9483-4BEA-BC33-F95F8F44B652

Ford F-150 Paint Matched Door Handles 1CBDC9C7-006C-46C0-93B4-E1B6B2175F74

EDIT, you can do it without breaking the tabs but I can’t figure it out, I have black plastic handles so I’m not real worried

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