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Order a 2022 for 2% under, will honor 2% under on a 2023 model as well if your order is not scheduled for the 2022 modal year


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Mar 16, 2022
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Right now with the many restriction to orders we understand some customers may be nervous about ordering. We want to make the process as simple as possible. To take advantage of the 2% under factory invoice with no strings attached, no deposit required, no credit app until time of delivery submit your current 2022 Order with us! If the order does not get pulled for the 2022 model line we will honor the 2% under on the 2023 and convert your order once the portal switches over! This will also keep you ahead in line vs waiting to submit your order until the 2023 portal opens. Please reach out to us directly today with your order to save your spot in line!

Accepted on all F150 models except for the Raptor or lighting models
No Deposit required
Accepting trade ins for evaluation
Signature will be required on order sheet as well as a copy of a Valid Driver's License
Changes can be made to orders all the way up to going into "schedule production" status
Please allow 24-48 hours for response from our team when emailing/calling

Dealer fee Detail:
Documentation Fee $473
State Sales tax (for state vehicle will be registered in)
License Plate Fee and Registration (for state vehicle is registered in)

Chapman Ordering Team
Alicia VanDine Artigas and Lauren Cardamone
[email protected]