My Generac Panel Install Adventure


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Mar 8, 2022
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Thought i would post a quick summary of my Generac 9854 install.

Had to get creative during a power outage before i had it actually installed, not ideal for those not comfortable working in their panel.

How it started

Few Notes:

1. I went with the 9854 50A panel and 50A plug ( Reliance PB50 ), using 50A to 30A cord( https://www.ebay.com/itm/110766102997 ) just to give myself more headroom and not overload a 30A upstream breaker during "normal" usage.
2. I wired up my AC, but wont even attempt using it during an outage unless i get a soft start kit, which i havent done yet.
3. included conduit was too long for adjacent panels, had to get a metal sleeve/nippe. Was a chore to line everything up with the built in knock out of the generac along with drilling through the stud and main panel.
4. I did change out the 8ga included for 6ga for between the panels then used the 6ga for the AC circuit.
4. Tried it after i wired everything up and kept getting ground fault, found out my AC was incorrectly wired and had neutral and ground tied together, so i fixed that.
5. Took a weekend off and on along with a few trips to lowes and harbor freight, but im pretty happy with the result.
6. Yes technically that storage cabinet shouldn't be there as its too close to the panel, i mounted that back in 2016 before i knew better, will move it eventually.

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