Done with Ford


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Jan 27, 2022
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2022 F150 Lariat 4x4
So after 10 Months of owing a 2022 Lariate plagued with Electrical issues I traded it. The First and Last Issue was the Gray screen of No audio, They replaced the Audio Module the Amplifier, the APIM, nothing worked went it got Hot it came back. They also replaced the Headlight switch afer complaing several times about the Headlights come on by themselves. Recalls Wiper motor they did that and the Parking light flicker they didn't want to do that. The Forward Colision Warning never worked, when i asked from the dealer to check it they printed the window sticker and said that it's right here. Got a text from the truck saying that it was shutting down systems due to a Low battery, got the battery replaced. All the time while driving it the Power mirrors might not unfold, the drivers seat would move forward and back and randomly the Parking Brake would apply upon approach and the Dash would rest. I asked the Dealer about calling Ford they replied oh they're no help hard to get a-hold of. The check Engine light came on when I went on a road trip to Maine, went to a dealer, yup we can make an appointment for you looking at three weeks, or take it down the street to O'Riely see what they can do. O'Reily DID Help they said that it was the turbo wastegate not a hard code so I could drive it home. Twelve visits in ten months some not so good like when a soft drink was spilled onto the passenger seat, didn't notice it until my wife sat in it the next day ( Saturday) I called up the Service Manager and his response was that it was his day off call him back on Monday and he would take care of it. After a whole bunch of Modules replaced in the das the right side A/C vent no longer worked. Then I found the Ford Repurchase Phone number, The first person screwed up the dealers, and the state HAD my FLORIDA address somehow though that I was in California and could not find any repair records, the second person said that someone else would take it over and help. Then it got HOT ya Florida, No Audio and NO AIR CONDITIONING it just turned off, and turned on the HEATED SEATS. Its 91* and it keeps happening. What to do? So Traded out the truck andThe next business day Ford called and Said where's your truck? With Much Attidude she said well you Screwed Up cause I could have helped you Goodby. I screwed up Buying a Ford. Ford Knows where your truck is, Ford and they're Dealers let me Down and now I'm done.
Sorry you had so many issues with your truck, I can't imagine your frustration. We pay a lot for any vehicle these days and we all work hard for our money to buy them. I also have a 2022 Lariat and am very fortunate that I have not had any issues other than a rattle in a door speaker when there is a lot of bass in the music. I'm actually afraid to take it in for the recalls not knowing if they will cause any issue afterwards. I hope the best for you with your next vehicle.