Bulletpoint tray mount for adding USB hub to upper dash tray


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Dec 31, 2022
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Birmingham, AL
2021 Ford F-150 XLT Powerboost
I got the bulletpoint tray mount for Christmas and have been scheming up a way to add USB ports to the upper dash tray. (Seriously with all the power points in and around this truck how is there not one in the upper tray?? I digress) Ideally I wanted to do something flush-mounted to look OEM but most of the ones on Amazon are flashy with RGB or have sketchy reviews. However I found these USB ports from Expedition Essentials that was exactly what I was looking for.


USB A hub: https://expeditionessentials.com/co...ition-essentials-flush-mount-fast-usb-charger

USB C hub: https://expeditionessentials.com/co...ion-essentials-flush-mount-usb-c-fast-charger

I was really hoping to flush mount them inside the tray on either side of the tray next to the “legs” of the bulletpoint mount. But once I got them in and looked under the tray I realized there were only 2 pockets that they could fit into but it would require me to get their location nearly perfect, and I just couldn’t justify cutting up that tray 15 times to hope it would work. So I decide on finding another route.


After staring at everything for a while, I decided on mounting the USB ports to the backside of the mount by drilling a hole on either side and using the provided hardware with the usb ports. This allowed me to hide them but still allow for easy access to the ports as well as hide the excess length of the charging cables under the mount. I think this turned out better than my original idea.




I drilled 2 small holes behind each port for their wiring to get through the tray. Then wired the two ports in parallel and ran a single power wire down the passenger side of the radio to the passenger fuse box and used a fuse tap. I debated between fuse #2 and #4; with #2 it would be switched but only 10A while #4 would be 20A but constant. Since the USB ports are each 4.8A I decided to go with fuse #4 to allow for more devices and allow for charging with the truck off if need be.

I have been using a Mous MagSafe charger with a vent mount for a few years and have loved it. Thankfully it has a 17mm ball mount, so I got a 20mm to 17mm adapter to attach it to the arm. The new USB port keeps the wires out of the way, which is the exactly what I was hoping to accomplish.



This really was an easy mod and I love the added functionality. I finished installing this late the other night, I’ll add some daylight pictures tomorrow.