2021 3.5L EB installed AFE Scorcher and Roush Intake


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Mar 17, 2021
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2021 F150 3.5L-TT
I just installed the AFe Scorcher Bt and Roush Intake. I was not sure what to expect since I saw different reviews and none were for the 2021 F150.

The install on the Scorcher was super easy. Quick install, quick set up.

I installed the Roush intake took about 40 mins. It was fairly simple. Turbo noises are much more noticeable, one thing that did shock me was the bov is much more noticeable. I can hear it even with the doors and windows up. I did leave the intake open just to try it. I plan to install the cover next week to see the difference.

Together, the truck pulls much harder when in race mode on Afe scorcher. Butt dyno gives it an A++++. AFE Dyno shows a 56hp and 62tq gain with just the scorcher. It is nice as it can be controlled with my phone through Bt no need to try to run the wires into the cabin.

2021 F150 3.5L EB 4x4 Fx4 STX
Current mods:
AFe Scorcher Bluetooth
Roush CAI
JLT oil separator
RC 2in Level
20x9 Method 305 NV
BFG KO2 35s
LED bulbs headlights and fogs
Installed OEM Ford side steps
OEM Ford tailgate shock
Shorty antenna
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