1. Whipple Supercharger Questions

    Hi All, I'm sure this is going to be a very small pool to play in but I am looking/researching getting the Whipple for my 5.0 and I have several questions as I am researching this. 1. Is this reversible? (I assume it is just keep all the parts removed) 2. What are the maintenance issues with...
  2. 2022 F150 Lariat V8 Build!

    This is my 22 502A packaged Lariat w/BAP (Black Appearance Package) 4x4 that I have been modifying slowly since I purchased it in Aug 2022. It is agate black in color. Truck was ordered in Dec 2021 and I waited 8 months for it to show up. This is a 100% tarmac King. :ROFLMAO: It's not daily...