1. ‘21 2.7 Inlet tubes

    Long story short, the hose that travels from the inter cooler into the driver side inlet tube at the bottom broke at the insertion point and is held on by epoxy and some zip ties. I am in need of some help with identifying the oem part number, or an aftermarket solution as I have tried to find...
  2. New to me 2021 F-150 Lariat odometer issues - help?

    I am located in Atlanta, GA and I purchased a 2021 SuperCrew F-150 2.7L Ecoboost Lariat from a Ford dealer in El Paso, IL with cross state delivery. This is a huge dealer that does hundreds of deliveries a month and not a mom and pop dealer. The truck had 27,500 miles at delivery. I love...
  3. 2021 PB Turbo issue?

    Hello, Some context. I have a 2021 Powerboost XLT that I tow a camper with about every weekend. My wife and I are on a 1 year trip around the country in our camper. We average about 3-4hours every weekend towing, 1 weekend we did 12 hours. The problem: I have noticed the turbos gets stuck in...
  4. 2023 f150 STX factory fog lights wired to amber running lights?

    Hey everyone, I am adding factory halogen fog lights to my 23 STX. Can I wire the fog lights directly to the running lights or do I need to run a relay from the battery and use the running lights as the trigger? Or can I run the fog lights straight to the low beam the circuit? will I get an error?
  5. F-150 2023 RCSB XLT HELP

    Hey everyone, Definitely new to the f150 scene so might be a noob question. Planning on on placing order just need help on this. Will the 2023 model come with a short bed on a regular cab, so far only seeing 6.5 not 5.5 ?
  6. Blend door actuator stuck

    Has anyone replaced their blend door actuator or atleast knows the best way to get to it? Mine is stuck on heat on the passenger side and it’s a bit annoying.
  7. Help! Buying new Wheels

    Looking for all black (yes centre cap logo as well) wheels. 20x9 with a maximum of 20x10 I was originally going to buy VenomRex 601s but they are unavailable or on backorder 2-3months everywhere. They aren't even listed on the site anymore. Looking to pay a max of 650 (CAD) per tire...