1. 2024 The Brand-New All-in-One LED Turn Signal Light | Lasfit T3 Series

    The T3 series from Lasfit represents a significant leap forward compared the previous T series. Lasfit T-Series LED bulbs offer high brightness and equipped with a built-in canbus decoder, eliminating the need for additional resistors, plug and play. Many customers have used Lasfit T-Series...
  2. Lasfit 4th Gen LSplus Series | 2024 All-New Upgraded Version

    🌟 Get ready to experience a whole new level of brilliance with our enhanced design and performance. This time, we've taken things up a notch, focusing on both appearance and functionality to bring you the best driving experience yet. 💡First up, let's talk about exciting performance! 💡We've...
  3. 🎄Gear Up for a Joyful Drive: Christmas Sale with 20% Off and Up to $80 Off!🎄

    🎄Celebrate Christmas with some amazing deals at Lasfit shop! Enjoy the festive season with our special promotions for all vehicles. Get ready for some awesome discounts and savings! 🎄 🎁SITEWIDE 20% OFF🎁 (CODE: NY20) or 🎁SPEND $300 GET $80 OFF🎁 (CODE: NY80) 🚗 From high-performance LED lights to...
  4. Brighter and Better: Discover the Durability of Lasfit LSplus Series LED Bulbs - Your Ultimate Lighting Solution!

    Lasfit has introduced the LSplus series, our premium product designed to fulfill users' desires for the utmost headlight brightness and durability. This series offers an unparalleled experience with brightness of up to 4500 lumens, providing a beam of light that can cut through darkness and...
  5. Limited Sponsorship Available for Testing Lasfit New LED Bulbs

    We are excited to present our upgraded LED bulb to you! With exceptional brightness and an outstanding design, our new LED headlight bulb truly delivers what we aim to provide our customers: the ability to shine brighter and go further. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing about...
  6. Smoked License plate cover compatible with OEM front bracket

    Has anyone found a smoked or tinted license plate cover that's compatible with the front license plate bracket added at delivery?
  7. Christmas lights, anyone install on their 14th gens?

    Curious to see if anyone has wired and installed a set of Christmas lights in their 14th gens yet? If you have, post them! —Would love to see your setups and how you powered them on while driving! 🎄
  8. F-150 2023 RCSB XLT HELP

    Hey everyone, Definitely new to the f150 scene so might be a noob question. Planning on on placing order just need help on this. Will the 2023 model come with a short bed on a regular cab, so far only seeing 6.5 not 5.5 ?
  9. 2022 & 2021 CABIN AIR FILTER - Don't Pay Ford for this!

    Now that the trucks are getting some miles on them it’s getting time to replace the in cabin air filter. Don’t pay Ford $60+ to do this when you can do it in under 2 minutes. 2021+ is even easier than the previous generation.