black appearance package

  1. 2024 Lariat Black Appearance Package Orders

    Wanted to start a thread for everyone with a Lariat BAP order so we can get a feel for who’s getting scheduled and what their options are. I posted my order sheet below that I ordered on 12/14/2023 and still not scheduled. Feel free to post your Lariat BAP order details and when you ordered
  2. Seeking Tremor/BAP Hood in Iconic Silver

    I have seen a few posts about this in the past but they are a couple of years old. I just bought a 2023 Lariat Sport that had every option except the black appearance package. The black appearance package is only a $1,300ish add-on but I was able to get $9,500.00 off of MSRP on the non-BAP v...
  3. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    Could someone provide insights into why Ford is focusing on the black appearance package? Is there a financial incentive for Ford to promote the BAP, or is this trend driven by consumer demand? If consumer preferences are the driving force, what explains the high demand for this option?
  4. Texas WTB Black Housing Halogen Fog Lights

    Looking for black housing halogen fog lights to match my 2023 black housing halogen headlights on my f150 XL. Picture for reference.
  5. Colorado Brand new 2022 BAP Grill $350

    The dealer lost my “take off” grill and bought a brand new one to give me. No scratches.
  6. Colorado old

    I am selling my OE BAP 20x9 wheels and tires off of my 22 F150. They will come complete with wheels, tires, sensors and lugnuts. $1,800. The truck is still new on the lot.
  7. 2022 F150 Lariat Build!

    This is my 22 502A packaged Lariat w/BAP (Black Appearance Package) 4x4 that I have been modifying slowly since I purchased it in Aug 2022.
  8. Black Appearance Package, Black Platinum F-150

    I saw this on the dealer lot this week and thought I'd share a few pics. Looks pretty sharp. This is an Agate Black Platinum 3.5L. I like the 'Tremor' bumper/exhaust look.
  9. My new Atlas Blue power boost with Black Appearance package

    Just got the call today that my F150 powerboost is in!! Ordered 1/31/2022 and got an email 4/1 that the truck has been built and on its way to the dealership. I got the Atlas blue with the BAP lariat high package. Seems like I was very lucky to have only waited about 2 months from order to truck...