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  1. ProPower 7.2kW: what are you charging?

    Hey Powerboost 7.2Kw owners - what are you charging with your Powerboost? Recently purchased our vehicle and planning to power a ‘mobile ag datacenter’ with two computer servers, a TV monitor, 2 laptops, and a 1350w mini-split A/C unit to keep everything cool. If there’s room we’ll power a...
  2. Pro Power Onboard operating steps? To eliminate surges or breakers tripping

    I would really love to hear best practices here, too. It feels like it’s still very early days for insights.
  3. Pro Power Onboard Breaker Tripped

    My Powerboost generator seems to be in tough shape. Plugged an air compressor into the outlet in the bed, it fired up for 1s, then showed the following on my screen. Flashing light on console outlet. Received FordPass app notification, too. Resets of all 3 breakers don’t help. Taking to...