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  1. Automakers Face New Supply Chain Nightmare As Rubber Shortage Looms

    IMHO Pinocchio is a much more trustworthy source of information than Bloomberg.
  2. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    I just received $2K PCO in the mail. All I did was building a truck on without signing in and then requested an internet price from our local dealer (Grapevine Ford). They called me back almost immediately trying to offer something from their inventory, but since I was looking for RCSB...
  3. More 2021 F-150 Delays at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant

    It could be. I am in the same boat, ordered mine two weeks ago.
  4. regular cab

    Did you get your VIN or order #? According to my sales rep the order has been entered but the inventory manager only updates when the VIN has been assigned and it will be a few weeks to a month.
  5. regular cab

    I ordered Space White. All possible options but engine block heater and snow plow kit.
  6. regular cab

    Same here. Ordered fully loaded XLT RCSB FX4 Coyote on 3/20. We'll see how it goes. Looking at the statistics I can tell there is no system in a wait time. It depends on your luck only. I was a good boy for several years in a row, even Santa admits and I really hope my karma pays back. LOL
  7. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered on 3/20/2021, no order or VIN ## yet received.