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  1. Ford cuts F-150 output for 2 more weeks amid chip shortage

    If I have the VIN and order number, how do I find out what plant the truck will be built in? It had an original build day of April 12, then got moved to April 26th.
  2. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    I think it could be a lot to do with the build, the only thing I was worried about was the max tow on my build. Originally had the spray in liner and wheel well liner but cancelled that part and will go after market. XLT, 3.5 eco, Supercrew, 4x4, 5 1/2 box, Agate Black, 302a, XTR, 360 camera...
  3. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    I tried to work out a deal with them as well, but couldn't finalize the deal. Ended up going to Fraser in Oshawa. Ordered March 6th, had a build day of April 12th, but was moved to April 26th. Fingers crossed to get it first week of June.
  4. Wax or Ceramic

    I'm happy to do an annual spring cleaning on the cars, can't afford $1500🇨🇦 on each of the cars for ceramic. I am happy with the meguiars and turtle hybrid spray on solutions. Once I'm out of these 2 bottles I'd like to try the turtle wax graphene paste
  5. April 12th build date

    Dealer should be able to or you can follow in the footsteps of everyone and ask Pioneer.
  6. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Signed papers March 6th, got my Vin and order number March 12. Build date was April 12 but now moved to April 26th.
  7. April 12th build date

    Had a build day of April 12th, now moved to April 26th. 🤦‍♂️
  8. Should I cancel my order?

    I wish the search function on the website allowed you to configure your truck and actually return a close match to your build of what vehicles were available locally. Trying to pin down something close to your build is near impossible.
  9. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Is that bed divider just hallow plastic, could you mount anything to it like Quick Fists?
  10. Box tied down anchors defective?

    Not standard, but they are also part of the XLT 302a package. Everyone I test drove had these sitting under the back seat in a plastic bag.
  11. No VIN Feb 19th 2021 order

    Have these items not been on the constraints listing? Max recline seats Max Tow wheel well liners spray in bedliner work surface
  12. April 12th build date

    I'm in the same boat but after test driving so many, I want all the options I picked. 😅 Have not found any with max tow on a lot, most are just basic xlt with the small ecoboost or limited fully loaded. There are probably a few items I would sacrifice but not many. Took off the spray in bed...
  13. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Very nice. Can you slide the bed divider to the front boxlinks?
  14. April 12th build date

    I found one on a lot that was close, but not exact to what I wanted at Christmas on a lot. I ended up continuing the search and came up empty so factory ordered. Kicking myself now.
  15. How I did 12.3% below MSRP

    Msrp on my XLT was 62,000🇨🇦 and after working with 10 dealers managed to get 10,500 off and worked them down on loan rate to 3.49%. A lot of time spent on phone and many emails. Took a long time just to get them to provide the initial price on the right build that I sent them. Starting the...
  16. About configuration and price.

    What discounts are you being offered? I just recently ordered and got ~10k in discounts. XLT, 3.5 eco, Supercrew, 4x4, 5 1/2 box, Agate Black, 302a, 360 camera, max trailer tow, tow mirrors, tailgate step, power adjustable pedals, B&O sound, Co-pilot assist 2.0, 2kw pro power. 🇨🇦
  17. Fixing rear seat comfort in supercrew

    $300-400 canadian shipped is way too much for me. 😛
  18. Fixing rear seat comfort in supercrew

    I have been looking for months for this bracket as well, Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress, they are all priced about the same. No one was able to tell me if they fit the 2021 and would not offer any returns if they didn't fit. I also added the 2kw power last minute so not sure if that would prevent the...
  19. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered March 6th 🇨🇦 1FTFW1E84MFB56655