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  1. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Would a tailgate seal fix that? I have a bedrug in mine, so I need to get it wet to test, but the bedrug might absorb/hide water coming in....
  2. Remote Start Not Working?

    In all seriousness I've asked before if Ford has a features request site like Microsoft and other companies have? It will run the climate control
  3. Remote Start Not Working?

    Haha yes RTFM.... My bad. My 7 year old Jeep was smart enough to lock the doors when I hit the remote start..... You'd think this modern computer truck could also figure it out.....
  4. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    After a picnic in the mountains I got this MPG on a long downhill stretch 😁
  5. Remote Start Not Working?

    I've had my Jeep for 5 years and never had an accidental remote start.... This is just dumb but appreciate the information about how to make it work. When people use the app, how long does the remote start work? It's easily 30 seconds
  6. Remote Start Not Working?

    The truck is already locked when I do it. Sure enough hitting lock then double press the start works. Why is it three buttons?!? My Jeep you only have to double press start, it locks everything then starts.... This is expected? Lock it even though it's locked then start?!
  7. The Screw to Nowhere

    Looking in the front fender well, the liner doesn't cover the entire front fender area. Looking closer it looked like I was missing pieces because there was this screw that looked like it attached to nothing. Looking a second time it does screw into a plastic piece that come down, but it's very...
  8. Remote Start Not Working?

    When I double press the key fob for remote start, the fob lights up red but nothing happens on the truck. When I start through the app (it's very slow) the yellow lights in the head lights come on and it will start cooling and start the engine as required. I have remote start turned on in the...
  9. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    Certainly very nice looking. It's not very low profile. Expensive though, but if I wanted to load things on top it would be worth it. How does it stow if you want to use most the bed, does it fold against the cab? How easy it is to remove?
  10. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    That looks pretty similar except their product has a lot more material/foam in that corner. I'll likely just build up my own corner to address it
  11. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    I was looking at a YouTube video for the previous gen and it seems to fit very similar, the front seal did not go over the front bulkhead (although it looked further) and the rear seal was similar on the tailgate. What I'm most concerned about is how can this corner not leak water!? I really...
  12. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    That seems more difficult to mount into sheet metal panels though compared to a pig tail that hangs out
  13. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Awesome, that would be very easy. I actually bought a set of wiring glands for a project on my hot tub, these are what would be best to use for real waterproofing of the passthrough. Anyone know the thickness of a 30amp RV cable? I imagine the 12-16mm in this kit might work! TUPARKA 50 Pack...
  14. Who’s Happy!?!?

    I'm very happy, have had zero issues including no rust. Everytime I drive I can't believe I'm in the a truck. The road noise and ride quality is amazing....and it's really fast when you need it!
  15. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    That's a nice idea. Someone needs to source a product to do this.
  16. Storing/Mounting a Pistol

    Well the magnet held fine to the weapon while driving around yesterday, but the magnet didn't stay stuck to the inside of the console, it fell off the double sided tape. Either I need to screw it on or glue it. I don't know how well screws will hold on the plastic on the inside? How thick is the...
  17. Lane centering saying keep hands on wheel message even when hands are on wheel

    I have a force gauge, I'm going to do some testing to see how much weight would work but not over do it.
  18. Heavy/stiff break pedal

    I wonder if they did it to force people into lighter breaking to allow it to charge....
  19. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Having just put a bedrug in, I had to remove the propower panel to fit the carpet. It's one bundle going into the back of the panel, so it seems unreasonable to modify it from behind and have a dogbone into the fender. There is plenty of room in that fender area though. If you really wanted to...
  20. Storing/Mounting a Pistol

    Thanks for the inputs, wasn’t trying to made this a firearm usage discussion but a stowage discussion. So to get back on track, here’s what time trying first to see if I like it. In the center console with magnets: Tactical Pro Sports Tac Mag Gun Magnet with 25 lb Rating W/Mounting Screws and...