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  1. 5.0L Exhausts

    I;m with's just got that "growl" when you want it......that why I wanted a V-8...not that tinker-toy sound from a hybrid!
  2. Michelin vs Goodyear Wrangler (OEM)

    No for Hankook.....I had them taken off and sold, which I had trouble selling for sure....Michelin, great tire, I had them on my last King Ranch, but they cannot beat the Pirelli "Scorpian" I had on the original tire for my 2010 King Ranch...I got 70,000 ,iles on those, I had them...
  3. Michelin vs Goodyear Wrangler (OEM)

    "OLD SCHOOL"?....I don't think so "Skooter" Pirelli Scorpian's look absolutely "AWESOME" with their better get with it!!!!!!!
  4. Installed Bedrug XLT Mat and Bed Extender

    I was advised NOT to get a "Bed Rug".......since most bed cover are not "waterproof".....water gets soaked into the Bedrug like a sponge, and unless you want to open your bed cover up each time it rains, the mat will not dry, and will stay "damp" all the might rethink your decision...
  5. Platinum wheels with larger more aggressive tires?

    I went with the Pirelli Scorpion ATZ raised white letter tires...they look the Awesome.....the white letter tires are the only way to go....and they are "very" quiet on the road, yet have that "aggresive" look....check them out!
  6. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    I also had the dealership swap out the tires on my new truck.....I went with the Perelli A/T PLUS...a great look with the raised white letters, and an aggresive looking tire but yet still a quiet ride on the road....I'm picking the new truck up this week when the tire swap is complete....even...
  7. Average time from scheduled for production to being built (within Ford's Vehicle Tracking System)

    Well, I ordered my 2021 Platinum Sept. 2....I only have a VIN number so far........ what's the deal?
  8. Nebraska New Take Offs Tires only 2021 King Ranch

    Those are great tires!!!!!......what did you put on to replace them?....I was going to take off my factory installed blackwall tires and put on those Perllelli Scorpion because I wanted a raised white letter tire....
  9. Strange Dealership Experience

    I think your about to buy a "used" truck......that was totally unacceptable what they did!
  10. Topper availability?

    OK....changee my mind on a truck tonneau cover....the fiberglas A.R.E. cover I have on my 2010 King Ranch is great, but just remember with the power operated tailgate up and down, you can't operate it with a fiberglas cover,....that's why I went with the "fusion" model, folding, which will match...
  11. Antimatter Blue too dark?

    wow....that is absolutely looks like you have a folding bed cover, what brand did you decide on?.....I'm looking at the A.R.E. fusion, folding cover with matching paint color...
  12. Antimatter Blue too dark?

    I also ordered a Platinum on the Antimatter Blue....I was able to see an Expedition in the Antimatter Blue, and yes it looks black when it pulled up, but then if you see it in the sun, it looks deep blue with metallic's really a beautiful color!
  13. How long from ordering (in Jan 2021) until a VIN is created?

    Well, good luck....I ordered my "Platinum" from a dealership in Kentucky and still waiting for a VIN, don't hold your breath!....this is getting rediculous!!!!!
  14. Wonders Never Cease!

    Congrats......that's great...especially with a November build date...I placed the order for my Platinum on 9/9/2020...still no word, no bulid date...getting very aggrevated.....
  15. Topper availability?

    I also have contacted A.R.E.....and Leer.....they tell me they still have no info from the manufaturer, but I;m also reading that the truck bed for the 2021 will be the same as the 2020, I don't see what should be the problem.......I think the topper companies need to get their act...
  16. cap for 2021 f150 6.5 ft bed

    I have also been in touch with Leer and information is available to order...Ford says the was no change to the bed of the truck from 2020, so I guess we just have to wait a while....I am trying to order a Leer 6.5 tonneau cover in Antimatter Blue...
  17. (Dec 10) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    That's great!...... I was a GM man my whole life, I drove nothing but GM cars and trucks until GM had to get bailed out by the government and still declared bankruptsy......I owned GM stock and lost it all!....I said "never" again will I but a GM product, and haven't...that's when I bought my...
  18. (Dec 10) Report on 2021 F-150 Production Update and Constraints

    Well worth the wait.....going from a 2010 King Ranch to a Platinum.....have some patience!!!!!!

    well, let's hope so.....I'm really getting anxious!

    This really sucks!.....I sure wish Ford would be a little more informative to those of us ordering a new truck!!!!