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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Today I gave up on ever seeing my new F150 before Fall. Congrads too all of you who have an F150 to do stuff "TO"!
  2. Order to VIN to Blend To Build to Ship to Delivery

    You'd think but who knows at this point. I'm fine with waiting. (At least that's what I keep telling myself!)
  3. Ford cancels summer plant shutdown

    At some point they have to shut down to retool for the 2022s. I suspect many of us will end up getting 2022 models. 2323 😳
  4. Order to VIN to Blend To Build to Ship to Delivery

    My 3-20-21 order has moved to " In Order Processing" whatever that means. My Dealer said he "hopes to have a VIN soon". At this point I "hope" to have a truck before the end of summer. And "hope" I don't end up starting the process all over again if they deliver a rust bucket. 🤞
  5. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    They're likely including "Fleet Trucks" in those stats.
  6. 5.0 oil pump belt

    I have no doubt that you're absolutely right but you have to admit... they rebuild those engines as often as we refill our fuel tanks.
  7. Anyone else in the same boat???

    I'm having EXTREEM difficulty not getting into that boat myself. But... I'm figuring that the more cash I have in my bank account, the more eager the bank is going to be to give me a decent rate on the balance I'll be financing so I'm waiting. Although the way things are going I might not need...
  8. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    If your hood looked like that, you wouldn't take $200.00 (or whatever) off the price and go repaint it. And the hood has absolutely no effect on how your truck operates no matter how rusty it is. I've seen pictures of some very important components like Brake Calipers and mufflers rusted to...
  9. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    "Rust never sleeps" isn't just the name of a Neil Young album. Regardless... if they think you'd be willing to take delivery of something like that, they KNOW you won't do anything about it when the rust starts seeping through the pretty paint in a couple years.
  10. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    o Or find another dealer and order a 2022. There is NO WAY I'm paying $50k+ for a rusted POS. NOT A CHANCE!
  11. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I'll never understand how anyone could pay $XX,XXX.00 for a brand new truck, WAIT an eternity to get it and just blow off the fact that the undercarriage looks like it came from an old junk yard. If my truck shows up like that there is NO WAY I'm taking delivery until the dealer REPLACES (not...
  12. Can you get a secondary battery for the engine?

    I'm planning to get the Decked drawers ( install a dual battery system and wire 4 spare batteries in parallel in the corner storage wells as my secondary battery. Point being, you don't have to add 1 big battery. You...
  13. 5.0 oil pump belt

    This is a pretty MAJOR change to the Coyote. I can't imagine that they made such a major change to such an iconic engine "willy-nilly". I'm not too concerned. But then again, there's the "Mustang" MACH-E so.... 😳
  14. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    That's a bummer. But... every cloud does have it's silver lining. We all just moved up ONE on our builds!! Nice looking RAM. (Good luck with that tranny)
  15. Thoughts on F-150 Axle Ratios

    I doubt I'll have that problem with my 5.0...😳
  16. 4/19 Build Week

    Or raise the price!
  17. Thoughts on F-150 Axle Ratios

    I'm "old school"... Fill it, run it dry, fill it again and do the math.:cool:
  18. Order to VIN to Blend To Build to Ship to Delivery

    I see a lot of posts from people who received their VIN# or their Build, etc... but trying to make sense of what's really going on is nearly impossible without the complete picture of your situation. If you could post when you placed your order (that would be great with any post regarding a...