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  1. 4/26 Build Week

    How do I find this screen that you just attached to this post? I just got my VIN and ran it through VIN Tracker and Ford, but i don't see anything that looks like this.
  2. Ford cancels summer plant shutdown

    I, too, am so glad for that little “not the F-150” blurb next to the Kansas City assembly plant. Ordered 2/1 and not even a VIN yet. Hoping for some kind of news soon.
  3. Does King Ranch have interior ambient lighting?

    And if so, can you adjust the colors? Or is the interior ambient lighting feature just on the platinum?
  4. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    I've heard of tint and/or lifts possibly affecting some of the sensors on the vehicle. Will ceramic coating affect any of the sensors/cameras/assist features?
  5. More 2021 F-150 Delays at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant

    Dumb question but... are F150s solely built at only the Dearborn and Kansas City plants?
  6. Does Ford Really want to sell F150s?

    Ford corporate fleet service was able to get your VIN and a tentative build date when the dealer was not? what’s that number? Been waiting on my VIN for 8 weeks.
  7. I’m 8 weeks out with no VIN, anyone else experiencing this?

    No, I appreciate your response. I suspect the allocation issue is what is happening here and am going to press for them to confirm with the assurance that they won't lose my sale. I just need to know that you have submitted or are trying to submit my dang order. I wish the Order Tracker had a...
  8. I’m 8 weeks out with no VIN, anyone else experiencing this?

    I understand it could take six month to get the truck. But did you have trouble getting a VIN? I'm looking for details on the VIN part. I see some threads that say the VIN# is received once the dealer submits the order. Other threads seem to tie the VIN# to something that comes from the...
  9. I’m 8 weeks out with no VIN, anyone else experiencing this?

    Ordered on 2/1 at a small dealership in Louisiana. Dealer originally said it should take maybe two weeks to get a VIN. To date, no VIN after multiple follow ups with the dealer. Salesman cites chip shortage. I know there are several people still waiting that ordered much longer ago, but I see...
  10. Video: Testing Auto Adjusting Headlights and Lane Keep Assist after level kit and 34’s

    As someone coming from a 2008 f150, what’s the point of lane assist when you have to keep your hands on the wheel?
  11. Trying to Find White Lettering on BF Goodrich 20" Tires

    I'm getting really pissed off trying to find BF Goodrich 20" tires with white lettering on them. Apparently they don't exist??? Anybody else have 20" rims with white lettering tires out there? If so, what do you have?
  12. Can anyone confirm overall length?

    Can anyone confirm the 232” length of supercrew 5.5 bed? trying to make sure I can fit it in a 20’ garage, but looks like it’s going to be close. thanks