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  1. Buying in one state and registering in another

    Although I have a pending purchase with Granger in IA (waiting for truck to be built & shipped), I hope I do not run into any issues registering it here in NV and don't anticipate any. I bought a Ranger back in the 80's from a dealer in UT. They had sold many vehicles to Nevada residents...
  2. Dent In Air Intake Tube or Normal?

    Yep, I would've been nervous/mad/wondering had I seen it too. Still waiting for my truck but by the time I get it I'll probably have forgotten this and start all over again wth? Then come here looking for answers.
  3. Dent In Air Intake Tube or Normal?

    Glad that mystery was solved. First thought was WTH who would make that dent? Someone lazy at the factory that didn't notice it? Maybe someone at the dealership was under the hood and caused it but didn't wanna say? Finally was wondering if the neighbor's cat sat there to keep warm and caused...
  4. What do you use to wash your truck at home?

    Can someone tell me what is The 2 Bucket Method? This is a new term for me. Thanks!
  5. Lost my 2020 F150

    Sorry to say but looks like that might just be the average going rate. Take a look at this article I found from Edmunds. If you don't want to read the entire article I suggest reading the section titled Keyless Entry Remote as I'm guessing that is the type your truck uses, probably the 2021s as...
  6. Ford cancels summer plant shutdown

    Wouldn't hurt my feelings if I somehow ended up with a 2022 just hope I don't have to wait til 2323 to get it. Not sure they'll even need to shutdown to retool for 2022, can't see them making any changes to the trucks that would actually require it. If they do I can't see it lasting any longer...
  7. Ford cancels summer plant shutdown

    That's unfortunate but are you sure of that date 4/25?
  8. K&N Filters And Intakes Released For 2021 Ford F-150

    Oh okay but are K&N and similar type of air filters really worth the cost and what about the maintenance of them?
  9. K&N Filters And Intakes Released For 2021 Ford F-150

    What is an MAF sensor?
  10. Who else looks back...

    Wouldn't it be cool if the Ford emblem in the center grill illuminated as well? I think that would be the proverbial icing on the cake to see that at night!
  11. 4/26 Build Week

    Order Date 11/4. On 4/8 Dealer informed me (per my request) the build date is 5/1 and also gave me the VIN. Inquired if the Power Tailgate/Step was added to the order per request on 2/20 as I was told at that time it was added, however since priority code had been changed from 10 to 2 by Ford...
  12. At what speeds does the hybrid work?

    Okay I understand better now. Guess I'm just old and sometimes grumpy. ;)
  13. At what speeds does the hybrid work?

    I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying their PowerBoost. However this is another reason I got the V8 and not the PB. I read all of these suggestions, tips, tricks, and ideas about how to recharge the battery, improve gas mileage, etc. but then I think are you kidding me? Can't you just get in...
  14. Ready to order, move to another state in a few months - wondering which state to register

    Most likely you will only have to pay sales tax once so register it in whichever state charges the lowest sales tax. Any other taxes or fees are usually paid once a year although I do think there are some states that let you pay every 2 years.
  15. My Issues...

    Here are some ways to contact Ford
  16. Anyone else in the same boat???

    Dang those must be some BIG boats to hold all those parts! :unsure:
  17. How many km / miles on your odometer at delivery?

    Sorry man, I couldn't help myself. Needed a burger and borrowed the truck, I was hoping you wouldn't notice. I should've brought you 1, my bad. It's such a nice truck couldn't help myself taking the long way. 😁
  18. Where’s my truck

    What the heck kind of answer is that especially after it arriving 5 days ago? Just wow, can't understand how he can't give you a better answer.
  19. Received my owners manual physical hard copy!!

    Just went to Helminc's site and says the english version of the manual is out of stock until April 21 but they will allow you to back order.
  20. What is the average turnaround time from order date to delivery date 2021

    Thanks! But yeah just wanted to give you an idea of how long it could take. Could be about 8 weeks but I think most are taking longer. It's been commodity availability issues like paint colors, foldable work surface, fully recline seats, etc. Just hasn't been any rhyme or reason that anyone can...