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  1. Automakers Face New Supply Chain Nightmare As Rubber Shortage Looms

    I remember a rubber shortage in the 70s. Ford started shipping vehicles with no spare tire just the rim. Ten or twelve months later when rubber was in greater supply customers returned to get their spare mounted.
  2. Ford Survey?

    Bought mine in February and haven’t received a survey. Also never received a survey on my last truck purchase.
  3. What’s behind this cover?

    It’s one of the following: 1. A secret doorway to the upside down 2. The answer to why the chicken crossed the road 3. The secret to understanding a woman’s brain 4. It’s just a bolt
  4. Have to save bye to my truck for a couple days for windshield recall. 😩

    I doubt the dealer is doing the work. I bet they outsource the removal and install then do the calibration themselves. That’s why they need two days.
  5. Question for Line X on tailgate...

    To the OP. They also sprayed your bed bolts and tie down clamps. Unacceptable in my opinion. The tailgate should be sprayed all the way down as that part is highly acceptable to scratches.
  6. Lost my 2020 F150

    Try a locksmith
  7. Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist Sensor Install Guide (2021 F-150)

    The sensor doesn’t need to be very far back on the trailer. My sensor is mounted just aft of the winch post. It never gets wet.
  8. Going through a car wash

    I use an automatic car wash at the dealership about once a week. They give you free lifetime washes when you buy from them. I always fold in the mirrors and I have a stubby antenna. I do have a bed cover and it causes no problems
  9. Ambient Lighting Battery Drain

    Is the light on when you DON’T have the FOB in your pocket?
  10. Ready to order, move to another state in a few months - wondering which state to register

    Usually, well in Florida, to avoid additional taxes the vehicle needs to be registered in the other state for a minimum of 6 months. If not,and taxes are to be paid, you pay the difference if SC taxes are higher. I doubt SC taxes are higher than Taxachusetts. SCs license and registration bureau...
  11. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I scraped off the green oval “made in dearborn” sticker from the windshield. Made a huge difference in mpgs and made the 3.5 eco sound like a 5.0;)
  12. First oil change?

    Highway miles are easy on the truck. I wouldn’t change the oil before 5000 miles. Might even go 7500.
  13. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I think people might confuse Rustoleum rust converter with Rustoleum rust Dissolver. The rust converter is a paint and the rust dissolver is a rust remover. I’d suggest reading the Rustoleum website as it is too much to type out here.
  14. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    Because Rustoleum rust converter just doesn’t have the horsepower to convert that much rust.
  15. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I’ve lost all confidence in Ford and the dealership concerning the rust. I don’t want the rust to just be covered up. So, I fixed it myself and did the job correctly.
  16. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    Just one tank to go by but the computer says 17.5 mpg and I calculated 20.1 mpg on a bone stock truck driving in suburban setting.
  17. FordPass...disappointing

    I agree. I think the limited functionality of FordPass is a bit silly.
  18. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I also used cardboard. Just happened to have a Du Ha storage container box that was nice and long. I used that to work between the shock mounts. Because I didn’t want to get any chemicals on my wheels I removed them to work on the area outside the shock mounts. Made things much easier.
  19. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I did almost the same process. I wire brushed the loose rust. Applied Rustoleum rust dissolver twice because there was still some rust. I then used an acid wash with Ospro and painted with Rustoleum rust converter paint. A few days later applied CRC. I know the fan boys will say this is overkill...
  20. New (for me) recall

    Here’s the image