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  1. New F150 delayed

    My dealer told me 10 weeks MAX. Jokes on me lol
  2. Ford cuts F-150 output for 2 more weeks amid chip shortage

    Have you asked in the other forum to see if Pioneer can show you your exact build date? I had the same build date as you before the Dearborn shutdown and got moved to April 30th build date.
  3. Ford cuts F-150 output for 2 more weeks amid chip shortage

    Do you know how long on average trucks that are waiting on the chips/parts take to finish them up?
  4. 4/26 Build Week

    Fast turn around for you! Nice!! You should go over to and ask Pioneer74 if that really is your build date.
  5. Down payment for ordering?

    My dealer asked for $1,000
  6. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    Thank you for writing up this guide. Going to save this incase I need it when my truck arrives.
  7. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Did they honor your deposit and put it toward this truck? I’m tempted to do this myself
  8. 04/05 Build Week

    I got pushed to April 30th build date. It was fun while it lasted fellas
  9. 4/26 Build Week

    Look like I get to join the club all the way from the 4/5 crew. Currently scheduled build day is April 30th.
  10. More 2021 F-150 Delays at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant

    My hope with this shutdown is that all those trucks currently waiting to ship will be shipped and the accessories can be put on clearing that huge backlog. Hopefully, whenever our trucks finally do get built they'll fly through all of that.
  11. April 12th build date

    I got pushed 4 days for the last shutdown. No telling with this one. A month? I know it’s not Ford’s fault, but this sucks. I feel like I should have found one on the lot instead of ordering
  12. 04/05 Build Week

    Same here. Pretty much regretting it at this point. 2 week shutdown will probably push us to June arrival. Wish I had pulled one off the lot that was close enough. If I can find one, I may ask my dealer about cancelling my order. Not sure if they’d go for that or not.
  13. 04/05 Build Week

    We’re never getting our trucks lol
  14. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    I guess the chip shortage is probably the biggest issue now, but are the accessories, such as bed liner, still causing major delays? I feel like it would be smart if they could at least do the accessories part for the trucks that are waiting on chips.
  15. 04/05 Build Week

    Did you end up getting bumped?
  16. 04/05 Build Week

    Mine is Dearborn. I believe only that location had the stoppage for f-150s
  17. April 12th build date

    I recently got pushed from my April 5th build week due to the latest stoppage. Disappointed to get pushed, but I would have been more surprised if it didn't happen. Current build date is April 12th.
  18. 04/05 Build Week

    Like many of y'all, I got pushed as well. April 12th is now my build date. Really hoping this is the last slowdown. The wait is definitely getting old.

    There no doubt will be. Probably more likely to come out once the new Raptor is available
  20. What happens between truck built and shipping?

    Is that really the case for the trucks built without certain chips? Seems crazy to me the ones that are mostly built and sitting aren't prioritized more. I bet that's going to add quite a lot of time for those folks.