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  1. 3.0 good for daily driver?

    Here is my half arse spreadsheet if it will help anyone. Dealer Location Miles Ext Color Int color 157 145 3.55 3.31 Max Tow Tow Pack Block Heat 300A 302A 502A Slider BO Sound Bedliner Merle Kelly 888 735 9735 Chanute...
  2. 3.0 good for daily driver?

    The 3.0 with 3:31 gears. Most if not all of the Power Boosts that I have seen have 3:73 gears. I believe that is how they have the highest torque, but that comes at the price of mediocre fuel mileage. Ive read a lot of Power Boost guys complaining about mpg. Check the EPA numbers on the...
  3. Need Help Deciding What Motor....

    His company just bought him a 6.7 Power Stroke, so he is already seeing the benefits of a diesel over his personal gasoline 7.3 Tremor. 3 motors were actually mentioned, but he stated that he is unsure about a gas F150. Obviously this person enjoys having power owning a 7.3 and my point was to...
  4. Need Help Deciding What Motor....

    The 3.0 was a $3000 option with a $500 rebate from Ford. Plus there is a 100,000 mile warranty on the engine. This guy is hardly driving any city miles and has not seen 24 mpg for the first time Lots of ECO and some 5.0 folks like to...
  5. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    Which rear axle did you have? 3:31 maximizes fuel economy and can get 30 mpg. On another forum, a posters Father got 33 mpg on a visit up from Florida.
  6. More 2021 F-150 Delays at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant

    Tell that to dealers who normally sell 20 F150s a month and have 7 sitting on the lot. You were not anticipating a booming F150 market with a total redesigned truck? Well I was. Excuses dont cut it in the real world and I sincerely doubt that investors are dancing on the roof. Ford was going...
  7. Need Help Deciding What Motor....

    3.0 Power Stroke with a 3:31 rear axle. You can get 30 mpg highway. Around town aint shabby either. Diesel fuel prices vary and I have seen them the same as high test gas. 40 cents more for diesel is basically $10.40 more a fillup than 87 octane, but youre getting more mpg.
  8. More 2021 F-150 Delays at Dearborn Truck Plant and Kansas City Assembly Plant

    If I am Fords CEO, I have ReMax on speed dial. The Covid excuse is worn out.
  9. Sliding rear window - do I need it?

    Ive heard of dealers adding them but not sure on cost.
  10. My Interview With Ford F-150 Engineers - Summary

    I had never driven a 3.0 until 2 weeks ago. Ive driven 3 different 3,0s to date. Im sold. Drove a 3.0 Lariat this past Saturday and averaged a steady 20 mpg around town o test run.
  11. 40/20/40 seating + center work surface --- be aware the part you rest your arm on does not open.

    There is extra storage above the glove box too. I want the plastic work surface because the cloth 40/20/40 gets too dirty. The plastic will be much easier to clean and work great for having lunch, paperwork, etc. I find that all kinds of junk collects in my 2013 40/20/40 arm rest now.
  12. Does Ford Really want to sell F150s?

    Ford is supposedly going to lose its arse this year. I read from 1.5 to 2,5 billion in lost revenue. Once they create the VIN, the fuse is lit to complete the job. Ford dragging their feet on the VIN number buys them time is what I figure. Every other week there is a new shortage or problem...
  13. Topper availability?

    They make the whole truck in my opinion. The back is useful too because it can be locked up.
  14. XLT Pricing, are these a good deal? About to buy today, help me save!!

    Invoice is basically X Plan. There is only a $200 variance. We are both shooting for the same number it looks like. My goal is 15% off MSRP. MSRP $58,000 Less 15% $8,700 Cost $49,300 We can discuss dealer fees and I pay tax to the county where I live and they pay the state.
  15. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    I drove a 3.0 SuperCrew Lariat 5.5 box this morning. Drove down a water plant road and there was a "no trespassing" sign. Had to turn it around in the road with curbs. 3 point turn no problem and much easier to maneuver than the SuperCrew 6.5 box. Im so used to a 145' wheelbase. Driving no...
  16. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    The Ford CEO should have secured the parts last year. Particularly with Covid. Ford knew that they were going to build hundreds of thousands of 2021 trucks regardless.
  17. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    Could be lower in your zip code. Someone else mentioned that Ford was trying to get 1st quarter numbers up for shareholders. That could be the reason for the $2000 jump in my area.
  18. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    My sister does corporate staffing and knows high tech folks like Carter has liver pills. FWIW, a tech guy told her that China quit making chips for cars and focused on video games and crap like that because everyone was staying home and car sales were slow.
  19. XLT Pricing, are these a good deal? About to buy today, help me save!!

    No Vin. I was thinking about a build, but that would takes a few months.