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  1. Sync 4 Navigation Traffic

    I had to turn the nav alerts off. Too many dings due to all the railroad tracks in downriver Detroit!
  2. Box tied down anchors defective?

    I removed mine from my 2016 and they easily installed on my 2021. No issues at all.
  3. Tailgate wrap.

    Looks great!
  4. The more or less 6 letter word thread

    Have a wonderful kinky Saturday! KINKY
  5. Metro Detroit - Ceramic Coating / clear Bra

    Not sure where your located but check out
  6. Addictive Desert Designs products for 2021 F150: bumpers, steps, racks, etc.

    That’s a lot of money that I can put towards other mods!
  7. Free XM Question?

    I’ve had Xm/SiriusXM since it started. I never use the am/fm anymore. Always go for the 5bucks a month plan!
  8. 2/15 Build Week

    That’s great! Mine says it’s still awaiting shipment. I’m in SE Michigan.
  9. 2/15 Build Week

    Here’s mine.
  10. 2/15 Build Week

    Good luck. I wish we could track our trucks better. I ordered my last one in 2009. I had no info on it until it arrived at the dealer. Times have changed!
  11. 2/15 Build Week

    I just entered my vin. Mine was pending for days. It just updated today.
  12. 2/15 Build Week

    I didn’t notice they were all going here to Michigan. Maybe trucking will be faster than rail?
  13. 2/15 Build Week

    Looks like mine has shipped! At least to the railhead.
  14. 2/15 Build Week

    Yes, I ordered the spray in liner, wheel well liners and hard tonneau cover.
  15. 2/15 Build Week

    Anyone else get an eta date while your truck was still in production status?
  16. 2/15 Build Week

    My truck still says in production. My blend date was 02/21. That’s all the info I have so far. I have the spray in liner, hard tonneau cover, and wheel well liners. I hope to get my truck during Ford truck month!
  17. 2/15 Build Week

    I also have a 2/15 build week and I have received my vin. I also have spray in bed liner and factory wheel well liners. Velocity blue, 3.5, supercrew.