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  1. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    Here’s mine the Sunday it arrived at the dealership.
  2. March 1 Build Week

    Sometime between about 9:00am this morning and around 6:00pm this evening, my pickup arrived at the dealer! One interesting observation is that my pickup has the larger 9.75” rear axle. Ordered with Tow Technology package, not the Towing, or Max Towing package. It is a 157” WB truck, with 3.5...
  3. Ford Launches VIN Specific Calculator! See your F-150's exact payload, GVWR, GCWR, and more!

    This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. My built and not delivered Lariat 157” 4x4 shows 1855lbs max payload.
  4. March 1 Build Week

    I usually buy one off of the lot as our local dealer has trucks with the specs I usually like. When it came time to get a new one lined up the dealer said he had no 157” WB trucks ordered for stock, so I special ordered one.
  5. spacewhite_3.5's 2021 F-150 Truck Build with BDS 6" Lift Kit + More

    Awesome looking truck! I’m not far from you if you’ve had work done in Clovis and Amarillo. I’m about half way between them.
  6. PBR Sweepstakes - Win an F-150

    I got that in an email earlier and signed up. Why not give it a shot....
  7. March 1 Build Week

    My ETA End Date is showing 3/31. Kinda cutting it close for Truck Month. 😜
  8. March 1 Build Week

    Got mine this evening!!
  9. March 1 Build Week

    Same for my build, it's now showing the same info as your order on the tracker. My window sticker hasn't populated yet either, but it looks like progress! I was originally scheduled as a 2/1 build same as Knickell, and was bumped to week of 3/1. The only option on my order that has had...
  10. Extended Range Fuel Tank Necessity Question?

    I've had both. My 2007 had the small tank and the 5.4L. It was rare to get 300 miles out of a tank. At the time, I drove about 80 miles a day, and it was an inconvenience to fill up every 3rd day. My company 2013 5.0L has the bigger tank, and I can get just under 500 miles out of a tank...
  11. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    When the dealer gave me the VIN number, he told me Ford was showing a build week of 2/1. I’ve been checking the tracker on this site and the site for a window sticker to populate, and I wasn’t able to pull the window sticker. I believe you should have a window sticker available...
  12. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    Lariat crew, 157” wb, 501a, 3.5EB, 4x4, tow tech package, 360* cameras, 3.55 elocker, 36 gallon tank, interior work surface, power tailgate, CoPilot 360 assist 2.0.
  13. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    Well gang, count me in the group whose build was pushed back. Went from 2/1 build week to now showing 3/1. Oh well, my order went in 1/5, so I’m not too upset. I feel sorry for you guys that ordered back in the fall and are still waiting...
  14. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    This is my concern as well. Dealer says 2/1 build week, but I haven’t been able to pull up a window sticker as of yet either. Oh well, I should learn to be more patient...🤣
  15. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    So I sent the dealer a text this morning. His reply was “Last I checked, it is supposed to go to the plant this Monday.” So hopefully it’s still on track. Seems odd to have a 2/1 build date according to the dealer, but tracker on this site and the build tracker on the Ford site both show “In...
  16. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    Is anyone else with a 2/1 build week still waiting on a window sticker? As of Tuesday, my dealer said my build was still showing build week of 2/1. However, the tracker hasn’t changed, and I’m still waiting on a window sticker to populate....😔
  17. Next Week 2/1 Builds

    Mine is the same. Order final on 1-5-21, dealer said build week of 2-1. Still haven’t seen a window sticker populate on the tracker...waiting patiently...
  18. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Added my order for submission. Had a clean/unscheduled order in on 12/23/20. Official order date was 1/5/21. Dealer told me today that the truck is scheduled for build on 2/1/21. I’m guessing the dealer’s allocation is what is getting this unit scheduled for build, in what seems pretty...
  19. Ordering Tow Mirrors Without 360 Camera System

    Hello all! I just ordered a 2021 F150 Lariat SC 157" WB 501A for my new pickup at work, to replace my 2013 F150 Lariat SC 157" WB. One thing I have not been able to figure out on ordering, is there a way to order the tow mirrors, without adding the 360* camera system? I can't justify adding...