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  1. 2021 F150 XLT Race Red 305/55/20 tires with 2" leveling kit

    Nice! I went with the lead foot gray and the 2 inch level kit with the 20 inch fuel rims with the 35 fuel tires. Rides well for their size
  2. 2021 XLT Sport Iconic Silver 5.0 302A Leveled on 34's

    20 inch fuel rim/ fuel tires. The truck was set up at the dealership In kanas
  3. Radio is awful.

    I tried that twice along with a hard reset and it still happened. Only thing that seems to get it working again is letting it sit for an he or so then it works only to disconnect 15-20 later. It’s weird because it’s the radio volume that I lose and the ability to raise or lower the volume. But...
  4. Radio is awful.

    I thought about my phone so I turned off wifi/Bluetooth and the radio still shut off. After reading a bunch of other electrical issues the radio isn’t the worst. I’m sure hoping I don’t have a nightmare on my hands
  5. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Nice cover. I just put mine on a few days ago. Good luck with yours👍🏻
  6. Radio is awful.

    I’m having the same problem with my truck. Every morning I started up the radio works for about 15 minutes into my drive. Then the radio just turns off sometimes I can turn it back on other times the screen freezes! I contacted the dealership and they told me they were unaware of such a problem...