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  1. Sport mode launching

    Lol I can see it now. Stomping on a Silverado while blending margaritas, and blowing hot air at him!
  2. Love the torque but also find myself trying to get to All electric as often as possible.

    I’m coming from a 2010 with under 300hp. Lol. Good Gas mileage will have to wait for me haha
  3. Sport mode launching

    Correct. Specifically on the Powerboost. Seeing the start/stop is diff on the hybrid
  4. Sport mode launching

    There is no way to turn off the engine stop in sport mode right? On a powerboost
  5. Ambient Lighting Battery Drain

    Thanks for confirming. I did go back a few hours later and it was off. Seems odd though, if you have any belongings in the rear floor or front it lights them up a bit. Say if your in a parking lot (I know obvious answer is to store stuff away)
  6. Sport mode launching

    I am curious, when in sport mode at a light my truck turns to electric mode. When the engine kicks back on I see it takes a second or two for oil pressure to build back up. In that second or two, is it safe to go wide open? I woulda thought sport mode turned off the electric only mode...
  7. Ambient Lighting Battery Drain

    I have a Powerboost 502a and I just noticed when I lock my truck and came back about 5 min later the ambient light near the phone holder and the one that hits the center floor in the rear are still on. Is this a security feature? Anyone else have this?
  8. Who’s Happy!?!?

    Btw... I started this thread. I finally got my truck. I’m happy lol Worth every second of the wait
  9. Let’s see your 2021+ long-bed Supercrews (157” wheelbase)

    Long bed supercrew = winner. Just picked it up! Once you have a 6.5’ bed I don’t think you can go back
  10. 22 FEB week builds

    My tracker was so out of whack. Still doesn’t say shipped and it’s sitting at dealer. Your best bet is calling your dealer and getting detailed printout. Good luck!
  11. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Top notch write up. Really appreciate your time. What is this surge guard you speak of. I have a large trade show trailer I will be pulling for work that we currently use a 7kw gas generator (so noisy!). We have some ac equipment and electric heaters. Guessing around 5kw fully loaded up. Is this...
  12. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    HA. I’m in Buffalo and the worst part was when it sat in the rail yard for a week once it arrived. My sales guy went as far to say it’s between OH and Buffalo, when thanks to this forum I knew the rail car had headed back. Was a torture knowing it was 3 miles from dealer haha
  13. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    You planning on throwing a quick coat of paint on prior if there is small spots of rust? Or just put this right on
  14. 22 FEB week builds

    Sorry to those that are waiting.... letss goooo
  15. Help with Slate Grey Lariat Interior

    Keep it. Looks great. If your worried about it, you could do that ceramic coating that some people on here do. I think black leather shows cracks and use more IMO. Congrats on truck
  16. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    Letsss goooooooo. Made it to dealer today. Everything pristine. Very small amount on one exhaust bracket. 3/3 build dearborn
  17. 22 FEB week builds

    It just says “departed via flat rail”. It’s just on the phone tracking, I’ll call my dealer tomorrow for the print out. It’s literally been sitting in Buffalo at the rail yard since Sunday. No idea where it could depart to lol
  18. 22 FEB week builds

    Wtf. Just tracked via Norfolk southern and it said it departed my city today!?!?!? Wtf the rail yard is 3 miles from my dealer and it’s been sitting there for 3 days.
  19. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Does the power tailgate work pretty easy with that cover? Looks good
  20. Bed Liner Options

    Thanks! That looks great. I’m gunna go that route