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  1. What Else Is In Your Garage?

    How does your wife like the edge?
  2. Ford $2,000 Cash Reward Mailer

    Are these rebates good for a truck that is ordered?
  3. 5.0L V8 Cylinder Deactivation

    currybob, Which version did you buy?
  4. 2021 F-150 Real Life Sightings

    Roger, I sat in a Lariat this week and I really liked how comfortable the seats were. Even the XLT seats are way better than my 2014 GMC that I currently drive. My wife and I looked at a 2020 Lariat, and I think the 2021 seats are even more comfortable than a 2020 Lariat. I don't think you...
  5. Secondary Color Option?

    I have a secondary color on my Antimatter Blue Lariat i have on order. I know you can do it on Lariat and KR, but not sure on the other models.
  6. Review & answers from test drive event for 2021 F-150

    Ya’ll have me really excited. I am headed to a test drive tomorrow in Dallas. Any remaining questions anyone wants me to ask?
  7. Crowdsourced questions for your F-150 test drives

    I believe the covers are silver. I’m sure it is part of the B&O agreement so that it “stands out”. Just my 2 cents.
  8. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Can you tell me how to request a brochure. Only thing I can find in a download for the brochure. Is that what you did?
  9. 2021 F-150 Price Discount Offer From Granger Ford

    I can access x-plan. How do I do an early build with x-plan pricing
  10. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I ordered by truck yesterday. In general, how long does it usually take before a VIN is assigned?
  11. Official 2021 F-150 HP, LB-FT, Payload & Towing Capacity Figures

    I just went into the build for a 2021 Lariat, still forces 20" wheels if you select Max Trailer Tow Package
  12. Extended Warranty on 2021 F-150 hybrid covers battery?

    I looked at the Flood link for the ESP. I did not see an option to cover the LED lighting. Can someone point me to the correct coverage? From the comments above, I assume the LED lighting is expensive to replace.
  13. Sign Up For 2021 F-150 Test Drives Here

    Just signed up.. Email came immediately!
  14. Spray in vs Drop in bed liner

    How does the bed rug hold up to abuse, hauling dirt, cinder block etc?
  15. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Agree. There is also no mention of upgraded trans/oil cooler.
  16. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Not Available. Found answer on another thread
  17. Granger Ford here to answer your questions

    Is there any way to get a heated steering wheel on XLT?