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  1. Sliding rear window - do I need it?

    amazing. thank you!
  2. Bricked F-150 Hybrid

    oh im nervous now.
  3. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    I have KO2s on my tacoma and want them on the f150, but dont want the noise like I get with the tacoma. I know the f150 cabin will naturally be quieter. If I do get new tires, I think I'm going to use the decibel meter from my theater speaker readings and take measurements on and off the...
  4. Sliding rear window - do I need it?

    I hope you can cause I will yank that middle one and leave it off. I dont have my truck either (order is in). But someone over at f150forum said you cant, so when I test drove I gave it a quick tug while pressing the tab and it didn't come out, so assumed he was right. granted, I didn't give it...
  5. Tow Mirror Skull Cap Replacement

    anyone have caps painted to match body?
  6. Sliding rear window - do I need it?

    so stupid you cant take the headrest out to the middle back seat on the screw. I put lumber through the window all the time and that headrest is a hinderance.
  7. Best bed dividers and organizers

    yep. that's what I meant. I know a 4x8 will lay down between the wheel wells. was curious if you could still do that. you answered it perfect. another bummer though.
  8. Best bed dividers and organizers

    thanks. that kinda sucks. you enjoy the folding divider? do they get in the way of 4x8 sheets of plywood?
  9. Best bed dividers and organizers

    This is a bummer. I like using a board as it can easily be laid down out of the way or even discarded if need be. I ordered a Lariat Powerboost 5.5 bed. anyone else confirm this?
  10. ProPower 7.2kW: what are you charging?

    well then maybe it would be ok if its putting out sine wave like the ups does. my whole house generator runs off natural gas and the engineer said that generators can put out “dirty” power which causes the ups to trigger back and forth off battery repeatedly. the thing was smoking in my rack...
  11. ProPower 7.2kW: what are you charging?

    fwiw, many UPS aren’t designed to run off a generator. i have a whole house generator and my UPS fried. the varying cleanliness of the power coming in freaks the UPS out. company replaced it with one meant to run of a generator.
  12. 2021 Lariat 502a 5.0 FX4 Space White - Leveled on 285/65r20 BFGs

    how is road noise with the ko2 vs stock? i have ko2s on my tacoma and they are a lot louder on the highway. waiting on my lariat 502 to be built and want to put the tires on it but i’m tired of it being noisy.
  13. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    does anyone have the powerboost with max tow? i placed my order and considering taking max tow off to save a bit of money.