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  1. Instrument cluster display loses "sync" with Sync4 - Lagged Data

    I experienced the same problem listening to spotify on android auto so it doesn't appear to be solely an apple car play problem
  2. Pedal commander installed

    what is a pedal commander?
  3. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    Well last night after a long drive and about an hour of listening to spotify, I started having an android auto problem. I'll have to try my own fix tomorrow. I just love when a fix, breaks something else.
  4. Hi Guys (New Braunfels)

    Hello, I'm just up the road in Austin.
  5. How long have you had your truck and how many miles so far?

    We're tracking close to the same, a little less than 4 weeks and about 1,300 miles
  6. Michelin vs Goodyear Wrangler (OEM)

    Personally, I've preferred the Michelins on my previous trucks. I'm not wild ab out the current pirellis. They're ok, but I prefer either the Goodyear or Michellins to them.
  7. Anyone else in the same boat???

    damn, why what will be three sets of wheels?
  8. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    Try deleting the phone from Sync 4 and re-adding it. This fixed a similar android problem I was having prior to the OTA update.
  9. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    same with me, overnight and just as vague. I'm scared to turn on zone lighting.
  10. 7.2 kW generator retrofit?

    That was not my experience at least when searching incoming area inventory at least as it related to Platinum and King Ranch trims,. The vast majority had been ordered by the dealer with the 7.2kw system.
  11. Installed Bedrug XLT Mat and Bed Extender

    It is the Ford bed extender. It fits up next to the pro power outlets but you can fold it out away from the plugs when they're in use. It's a very nice accessory.
  12. 7.2 kW generator retrofit?

    maybe... but I bet 75% of powerboosts are 7.2kw optioned. I'm not sure the numbers will be big enough to get an upgrader company's attention... I guess we'll see
  13. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    X4s had the new features I discuss in the original post... the only difference between the x2 and x4 was mate black finish on the top. You want the X4s to incorporate the improvements to the overall design.
  14. 7.2 kW generator retrofit?

    No clue if it could be done...honestly not even sure why they offer the 2.4kw on the powerboost. Seems like an unnecessary option. They should just roll the cost of the 7.2kw system into the package. Good luck in your quest
  15. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    I personally prefer it over the trifold designs, I would rate the protection level as equal to or better than the trifolds. With that said, any thief with enough "want to" could get into any of these covers. Not unlike breaking a window to the truck itself. They definitely remove things...
  16. Installed a New Bak Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

    Not very efficiently, I suppose you could devise a few clips that could hold it in a particular position without a lot of effort, but no method out of the box I'm aware of to hold partially open.
  17. For the LADIES!

    Won't the dogs get hot in there or is the kennel air conditioned in some way. The pic looks like a metal hot box. BTW I love hunting dogs
  18. Box tied down anchors defective?

    Yeah that read like the beginning of a "Dear Penthouse forum"....for the olds that remember.
  19. Box tied down anchors defective?

    I did the same and just banged them in with a rubber mallet., but I agree with the OP that they are way tighter than they need to be. I didn't try filing them down but that's a good idea. Mine are installed and they won't be coming out after the pain in the rear installing them.