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  1. Where’s my truck

    I just remember him in that black Lincoln truck riding around like the sweetest drug lord in the south.
  2. My Issues...

    No loaner vehicle? That’s not right at all man. I guess you’ve managed with another vehicle or some kind of arrangements to get around but that shouldn’t be something for you to figure out after buying a new truck. Sorry to hear about your nightmare situation. I don’t know how you haven’t...
  3. Michelin vs Goodyear Wrangler (OEM)

    Just found out that my 2021 XTR arrived at the dealership with Michelin Tires but really wanted the Goodyear Wranglers. I just prefer the look of the white lettering on the Goodyear’s, no other reason. I got the idea(from currybob) of asking the dealer to swap them for me but from the info I...
  4. Where’s my truck

  5. Where’s my truck

    I thought about ordering a black XTR because of that movie but wife shot that idea down real quick. Awesome movie. Just something about a chromed out white two tone reminds me of him.
  6. Where’s my truck

    The only reason I didn’t get the FX4 pack is because I really wanted the Goodyear wrangler tires(I love the white lettering) instead of the General Grabber ones but dealer said there’s no control, you get what you get. Did you have to pay a lot for the swap?
  7. Where’s my truck

    The pumpkin. I’m glad there’s no rust but looking at this also makes me feel bad for all the dudes that got the rusty versions.
  8. Where’s my truck

    Dealerman just sent me this pic. The Clit Eastwood has landed.
  9. Does Ford Even Care About Customer's anymore?

    I think it’s almost for certain that as soon as that bulletproof cybertruck comes out Ford will descend into the shithole where it belongs. I can forgive mistakes and go with the flow if someone messes up and admits their wrongdoings but when you openly screw over so many hardworking people...
  10. Where’s my truck

    I agree with everything you said but unfortunately that’s never how it will ever play out with a company as big as Ford. Even if you ever do get anything in your favour you will always lose with these guys.
  11. Where’s my truck

    God m*********in’ damn I wish I knew this way earlier. Thanks a lot for that insight. You are the man now dog(Sean Connery voice).
  12. Where’s my truck

    There’s only one simple reason I went back to these guys. When they started taking orders for the 2021 they called me up and offered to get me a 2021 in exchange for my leased 2018. My 2018 lease ends in September and I’m already about 5000 km’s over the limit but they said they will do the...
  13. Does Ford Even Care About Customer's anymore?

    Misaligned doors hasn’t gotten as much attention as the rusty undersides but that is just as bad maybe actually worse since it’s something you can actually see. Sorry dude I really hope they handle that for you asap
  14. Where’s my truck

    He meant that another salesman from his dealership sold it to someone else but the worst part about that particular situation is that I already signed for it and paid all the upfront costs with my credit card. I’ve had to drive this red truck that I hate looking at for the last couple of years...
  15. Where’s my truck

    Lol that’s gonna be this afternoon at the dealership. I actually have a terrible feel in my pancreas that these dirtbags sold MY truck AGAIN. Back in 2018 I was going to pick up my brand Black F150. When I got to the dealership he told me another dealer sold it and the only Supercrew 4x4 they...
  16. Where’s my truck

    Apparently my truck was delivered to the dealership on April 5th. I asked the dealer what’s up and all he said was he hasn’t received the docket and he’ll look into it. Anyone else experience this??
  17. Does Ford Even Care About Customer's anymore?

    I know that feel bro. Nothing you said surprised me. Ford doesn’t have time for you or anyone else. They’re too busy laughing their way to the bank.
  18. List of your 2021 F-150 issues

    I feel like you guys are trying to imply that doing so is immoral or risky or something else that is not very desirable. I’m only suggesting it for the purpose of obtaining useful information relevant to deciding if your vehicle is worth signing for. I can’t remember what number it falls on...
  19. List of your 2021 F-150 issues

    Well would I be able to do it myself while I was taking it out for a test drive or are you saying there’s information or authorization I need from the dealer to activate it?
  20. List of your 2021 F-150 issues

    Would it be possible to connect to Ford pass on your phone before taking delivery of your new truck? If so, how long will it take. I’m thinking for the folks that haven’t picked up their new truck yet, it would give you a lot of insight if you could just see what Ford pass says before you...