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  1. Suggestions for making the 3.5L sound better?

    Mystery numbers? Working @ an Assembly Plant, I know what this number is. Do you people know???
  2. Suggestions for making the 3.5L sound better?

    5.0 is the only way to go! Just talk to the mechanic @ the dealership? Turbos put out a lot of heat, & when you are freeway driving. The V8 gets better gas mileage. 22mpgs I can get.
  3. Tailgate wrap.

    18” wheels & 275x65 Goodyear’s on it now
  4. Tailgate wrap.

    Wait till you see the hood treatment?
  5. Tailgate wrap.

    Motor City Wraps, Has developed a new wrap for my F-150. More to wraps to come
  6. Happy with 5.0?

    This 5.0 is the only way to go! Fuel mileage is 21- 22 on the highway @ 74 mph. 3.31 in the rear, electronic locking. In the city it gets 18 light footed, but if a Ram or a Silverradoo pull up they see my tailgate. I had a 5.4 trident in a short bed, this one outs accelerated & better mileage.
  7. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Nick, from the motor city westsider, Rapid Red, 2 tone with a 5.0 & loving the power.
  8. Metro Detroit - Ceramic Coating / clear Bra

    Motor City Wraps is going to do mine tomorrow!
  9. Weighed my 2021 reg cab short bed today

    What engine do you have?
  10. Can you adjust the speedometer for the larger tire size?

    Do I have to take it to the dealership for this? Wanting to put 18” on stock is the little 245x17” it’s a 2 1/2” difference.
  11. Little fairings in front of rear wheels.

    Are you talking about the ones in front of the rear tires? If so they are air deflector, to improve fuel mileage.
  12. How many km / miles on your odometer at delivery?

    Mine had 6 miles, @ time of delivery!
  13. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    Just tried to subscribe to the Ford authoritiy, but the site must be down??
  14. HELP! Please. Which of these two F150's should I buy?

    5.0 way to go. Express driving? The little 2.7 get no fuel mileage above 68mph. The V8 gets the same as the little one @ 75mph.
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Got the OE Ford accessory ones. No drilling at all used the existing holes. Just removed 3 push pins on the rear,& the front replaced the lower screws with the longer ones in the kit.
  16. My Smoked Quartz Platinum Powerboost w/ leveling kit, wheels, bigger tires (295/60-R20), tint, new decal, ceramic coat, stubby antenna

    Did you recalibrate your PCM to get the speedometer Corrected? I’m in the process of going to put 275-65 -18 on. Have training tires on right now, 245-70-17
  17. Lowering the rear end?

    I just picked up my new 2021 Shorty bed. I noticed the truck sits Too Damn High in the rear. I’m looking to lower the back with some longer rear spring shackles. The problem is The people the sell the kits , don’t know if they will fit??