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  1. April 12th build date

    I got bumped all the way to the week of may 17th.
  2. April 12th build date

    Well this thread was fun while it lasted.... LOL curious to see how far I’ll get pushed again
  3. Build W/ 3/29

    Yeah with everyone pushing over the past few weeks I wasn’t holding my breath for a build date next week.
  4. Build W/ 3/29

    Just got the call from the dealer. I’ve been pushed to week of 4/11. I was hopefully but had my doubts I would get in this week.
  5. Trailer Right Turn Lamp Fault

    I like the idea of trying a different connector at the RV dealer. For what it’s worth I have a 16 and have always had false alerts about the turn sign light fault with my boat trailer. The only thing I have found in my case the fix it is I use a 7 to 5 adapter and when the fault alert becomes...
  6. Build W/ 3/29

    Platinum 701a ordered December 28th and getting built this week as well. Fingers crossed!!
  7. Locking Pet in Truck with AC

    Remote start or forscan to remove the double honk. Turning off the double honk was the first thing I did when I got my 16 and will be one of the first things when my 21 gets delivered.
  8. Let’s talk leather care

    Any good quality leather cleaner and conditioner will work. I am using pinnacle leather cleaner and then the conditioner. It’s a little more than others but I like how it performs. I stay away from anything chemical guys.
  9. Ceramic Coating requires top clear coat layer to be removed?

    I use gtechniq’s line as well and have been very happy. I used csl and exo on my 16 f150 and c5 for the wheels and g1 for the glass
  10. Active Air Dam in action - deploying at 45 mph

    why can I already hear the service tech saying “Ford doesn’t cover the active air dam from damage caused by road debris or pot holes” after all I live in Ohio. Smooth roads are not in our vocabulary. 🤣
  11. How do I take off the front air dam?

    Is the new for 2021 active one in addition to the active shutter system like on previous years in front of the intercooler?
  12. You can earn up to 42,000 FordPass points with 2021 F-150 purchase

    Yes you can use them on other stuff. My parents ordered all weather floor mats when they leased their explorer.
  13. Heated steering wheel not very hot?

    Hopefully the temp can be adjusted via forscan like previous years.
  14. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    I just got a pco in the mail yesterday for $2000. I’m in Ohio. Exp date of 4.30. Been hitting the Ford website and requesting updates about once a week.
  15. 2nd $2,500 PCO

    It is random but keep filing out the get updates at the bottom of ford’s website. I did it 2-3 times a week for about a month now and just had a $2000 pco show up in the mail yesterday. I’m in. Northeast Ohio. Build date is week of March 28th and pco expires end of April so I’ve got my fingers...
  16. How long from ordering (in Jan 2021) until a VIN is created?

    Nice!! I ordered January 4th and my dealer said Ford hasn’t even accepted order yet.
  17. SYNC 4A for 2021 F150

    I found this on ford’s website. Looks like the main difference is appearance and integration with the different cards on the dash display
  18. Debating Ceramic Coating

    I agree with what Bajou said. It also doesn’t matter if you get it at time of delivery or a while down the road. Either way they should/will do a paint correction on your truck before applying the ceramic. You can buy and apply prosumer grade ceramic that will last 3-5 years as well
  19. Ready to buy my new truck!

    what dealer and who was your poc at the dealer? I’m looking to order a platinum,701a with several other options. I’m from Ohio but not afraid of a drive to save money.