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  1. Wax or Ceramic

    Thanks for the info. I think I will do some sort of wax or hybrid combo and not do ceramic. My trucks are usually 2 to 3 year trucks. I agree on the tunnel washes, but dang they are convenient. I wished there were tunnel touch less washes.
  2. Non-OEM floor mats and rear storage box

    I just looked and they have now added a note that the 2nd seat liner is their "Floor Liner" product. The HP for the rear is NOT AVAILABLE yet. This one is going back. They say it's in development and up to 8 weeks. I'm not sure why they listed a regular rear seat liner on the HP page.
  3. Non-OEM floor mats and rear storage box

    I just got my WeatherTech HP rear liner today. Im not too happy. The OEM Ford tray liner is better IMHO. There are no cleats to grip the carpet, and it feels thin. That being said, I'm super happy with the front HP liners just not this back one, they are awesome and better than Husky. But...
  4. Wax or Ceramic

    I like many others want that awesome shine, so naturally, I was looking towards ceramic coatings. My issue is that I have a tunnel wash membership, and so I've read that it may not be worth it for ceramic since I use that kind of a wash. Can waxes be decent? I was also looking at the...
  5. Shifter Noise

    I must have been so excited for the truck that I didn't pay attention, but it seems louder as of recent. Annoying for sure.
  6. My Interview With Ford F-150 Engineers - Summary

    If anyone meets with an engineer going forward, suggest that they join the forums. I would think they would like to hear all of the info here. I participate in an airline forum called Flyer Talk, and the airlines (United) have representatives who participate to not only answer questions, but...
  7. Shifter Noise

    I have had my truck going on 3 weeks. Recently it has seemed to me that the shifter clicking sound is louder than I remember. Anyone else notice a louder click than normal? Maybe I’m losing
  8. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    I think you are right about keeping them. I just put the flaps on yesterday, so I am pretty optimistic that they will work. Im torn about switching tires as even though that other size you said should work, it still may not, and these do, albeit a little poke. I think between the flaps and...
  9. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    Thank you for all of your info. This is great. You know your stuff. I just need to decide lol. Now with the mudflaps on, the poke doesn’t seem to be as bad as I thought.
  10. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    Do you think these would clear okay with the 2" Level? Makes sense in my head that they would, but to be honest, tire sizing is confusing as
  11. F-150 Built in Phone Holder..

    Unbelievable.. Several years back I was able to get a delaer that would sell Raptors at invoice, so I gladly ordered... Had 2 over several years, but ordering a Raptor was so so much easier as its all included. With these F-150's, you need to study the order guide over and over just to make...
  12. 2020 Mud Flaps fit 2021 F-150?

    I got my mud flaps today. Bought them from the eBay link someone posted in this thread. They actually came from a Ford dealer, so that was cool. I watched a Youtube video that helped as the instructions were worthless. Installed easy. My 7mm socket wanted to strip the bolts, so be...
  13. F-150 Built in Phone Holder..

    You guys dont have the sliding cover?
  14. And now the decisions . . . Here are a few more pics of my tires
  15. F-150 Built in Phone Holder..

    I love the WeatherTech CupFone honestly, so Ill be using that included holder for some business cards.
  16. And now the decisions . . .

    I went Ready Lift because it was so popular here, and also cheap enough that I could remove if I didnt like it. Was out teh door $600, that included the kit, install, and alignment. Ride quaity is fantastic. No change to any of teh trucks tech either.
  17. 2021 F-150 Lariat 502A, Level, Tires and Wheels

    Check out this thread, I have some pics posted in it.
  18. Ford Performance factory leveling kit?

    I was originally looking at the Fox / Ford setup as that Canadian dealer had a video of it Working, however I decided to go with Ready Lift pucks. Mostly because so many here had done the Ready Lift, but also, if I didnt like it, I wasn’t out a bunch of money.
  19. Hood "Bug" deflector

    I ended up with an OEM aeroskin type one. Will see once I get it...