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  1. Custom orders low build priority?

    I did order max tow. Lariat 501A powerboost FX4 with max tow and wheel well liners. No bed liner, no tonneau cover. I know there have been constraints on max tow. However, you can look around at the dealerships and find tons of trucks with max tow, so they are definitely being built. I think...
  2. Custom orders low build priority?

    I’m with you on this. There have been literally hundreds of thousands of trucks built and delivered since I ordered my custom order in September and you in November. Many have continued to be built and completed while mine has remained in production for the past 8+ weeks. I’m sure your 502A...
  3. March 2021 and Q1 F-150 U.S. Sales Stats

    I had the same thought. Made and sold over 200,000 trucks, but can’t make the truck I ordered in September and that has been stuck in production for over 6 weeks now. Clearly they can make trucks - apparently more than they have ever made. But can’t make mine...
  4. Ford idles F-150 truck plant through Sunday due to global chip shortage

    Thanks. I found and called the number last night. The person I spoke with was polite but had no way to get info or help. She said they can only help with problems for a vehicle that is in my possession. Her suggested solution was to cancel my current order (from 9/30) and reorder from a...
  5. Ford idles F-150 truck plant through Sunday due to global chip shortage

    How do you open a case with Ford? I ordered Sept 30, and truck has been listed as in production ever since 2/15. Ridiculous.
  6. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    I hope it’s yours! Good luck!!!
  7. Produced-in-January-and-still-waiting Club

    Looks like I can officially join the waiting to ship club. Ordered 9/30, went into production 2/15 and just learned (thank you pioneer!) that it is finally out of production and has made it to the ramp 15 black hole. No idea why it remained in production for over a month. Given how things have...
  8. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    I have the same questions. How can a truck stay in production for over a month? My build date precedes the chip shortages, and PLENTY of trucks have been produced, finished, shipped, and delivered since mine hit the line. I'm coming up on 6 weeks now. My dealer says all he can find is that it is...
  9. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Same - in production since 2/15. Hopefully we both get good news soon. This really is crazy.
  10. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Usually the window sticker will come 1-2 weeks before the build date.
  11. Anyone else in the same boat?

    Agree with everything you say here.
  12. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    This is partially what is so maddening. I'm really happy you got your truck. However, I don't understand how some of us have been waiting so much longer with no end in sight while newer orders and builds are getting completed and delivered. I ordered in Sept, it went into production 2/15, and it...
  13. Anyone else in the same boat?

    Yes, same problem and no idea what is causing the delay. I ordered in September, blend date 2/10, “build date “ 2/15, and it is still in production. No spray in liner or tonneau cover for me, just the wheel well liners. It’s crazy. And no communication or update from Ford, even though my dealer.
  14. Frustrated and Confused!!

    Since DECEMBER??? Holy smokes, that’s insane. I thought I was struggling with mine being in production for 1 month. I can’t imagine what could hold up one truck like that. Maybe they lost it...
  15. Frustrated and Confused!!

    Any updates on your truck? Any word on why it’s been stuck in production for so long?
  16. Cancel my order?

    My honest opinion is that if you don’t need the truck this summer, I’d cancel and wait. That way you could at least see what the new Tundra is offering, and you’re not stuck in this purgatory at the mercy of a company that doesn’t provide any transparency or communication for consistently...
  17. 172 Days Later, my Platinum Arrived today!

    Looks beautiful, and I’m really excited for you! Looking forward to seeing it after your lift. How long did it take to get from Dearborn to Rexburg? My truck was supposed to come in with yours - same dealership, eta was this week. I’m at 164 days and counting, and my truck has been stuck “in...
  18. 2/8 builds

    Looking forward to hearing what you learn. I think something is up with some of our builds too. Mine had a blend date of 2/10 with a build date of 2/15, ETA this week. It’s still in production. I don’t understand it at all. So frustrating.
  19. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    I’m in the same boat. Blend date 2/10, online trackers still show it in production. I do have wheel well liners, but no spray in liner or tonneau cover. Nothing special about the truck, just a Lariat. ETA online shows next week, but my dealer says it hasn’t even left the factory yet, and it...