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  1. 2020 Mud Flaps fit 2021 F-150?

    I was going to ask the same. I do some gravel road driving often enough that I would like some extra protection from rock chips. Let me know if you find anything a little bigger that are also no drill.
  2. BakFlip MX4 Resting on Window

    Have you had any water issues? I know they are not waterproof and more of a resistant but there have been a few comments on how the undercover appears to be a little shorter and more water then usually getting in.
  3. March 2021 and Q1 F-150 U.S. Sales Stats

    Apparently the didn't make any money on cars so they stopped making them. The main thing is to see how many they can convert to SUVS/Trucks.
  4. Undercover Armor Flex poor fitment?

    I was just about to order this cover. Maybe not the right thread but does the F1 or MX4 fit better?
  5. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    What tracker is this? I tried the but it does not appear to work for Canada.
  6. First OTA Software Update for F-150 coming tomorrow March 18th

    I would expect when they "flash" firmware or upgrade software that requires reboots they are the ones that can't be done in the background and require it to be parked. They did mention some updates are seamless and happen in the background but some need to be parked and happen overnight. I'd...
  7. First OTA Software Update for F-150 coming tomorrow March 18th

    In all the original ford OTA marketing they said almost every single module is connected but this does not necessarily mean they are ready to update all modules OTA yet. This does mean all the necessary connections are present so I assume they will start easy with the main sync module that will...
  8. UnderCover ArmorFlex 2020 vs 2021

    I did read that the Bakflips are different part numbers because the width changed slightly, although most people swap them fine.
  9. OTA Update - anyone received one yet?

    It would be interesting if Forscan and/or sync had a way to display the software version of all the modules. We could start a list of someone who has never connected to look for changes if the above is all the details ford is going to release. I don't have my truck yet so I'm not sure what...
  10. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    What did you find on prices for this? Can flood sell to Canadians? I think flood is still 40% less even with exchange rate unless I completely missed something.
  11. Windshield Recall: issued for 2021 F-150 Windshield Adhesion Issue

    Since its a recall you should be notified in the ford app as well as received mail from ford about it.
  12. DIY video: 2021 Ford F-150 Wheel Well Liner Install

    What is the part number?
  13. SYNC Version Tracker

    Actually looking at the website there should be update details on the dash if any update has been applied.
  14. SYNC Version Tracker

    Its hard to tell but from what I have been reading no customer updates have been provided yet so there is also no release notes or change logs. I also don't think anything has been pushed OTA so if there are different version out there, then they came off the factory line.
  15. Got FSA Notice (21B08) today - reflash heated mirror and integrated trailer relay module

    Another shame. This is what OTA is for and why the connected all the modules to keep warranty costs down...
  16. Where is Pre-Collision sensor

    I can't find the picture but I'm pretty sure the radar is in behind the front bumper on the right side. It could also be the camera as well by the mirror.
  17. FSA Recall -- L2 Cluster (20-258) notice showing in 2021 F-150 FordPass app

    After all the hype of OTA updates and many reports on the 21 f150 and mach e this is disappointing that either the OTA process is not yet complete or this is one of modules not in the 50 or 60 connected. "In fact, nearly every single module in the vehicle - and there are between 50 and 60 of...
  18. Dead Battery and locks won’t work

    Anyone have a current clamp for their meter? Should be able to tell if it's a bad battery or there is something staying on with a significant draw.
  19. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    In my opinion all of these pictures in this thread have too much rust to be acceptable at this age. I'm going to check and I will refuse delivery if I have anything close to what was shown here.
  20. 12V outlet in truck bed

    I'm for efficiency but in your scenario I'd get a "portable fridge" or "plug in cooler" that goes directly to 120V. If you want 12V the 120V to 12V adapters are about $20 and are ~90%+ efficiency. I have been looking at the plug in coolers to leave in the box of my truck and almost all of them...