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  1. License plate frames?

    I saw the thread where people were putting different kinds of hybrid badges on their PowerBoosts. I'm not really interested in the stick-on badges. For about a decade I was way into Volkswagen TDI diesel cars until Volkswagen ruined all that... They had a popular forum at They had...
  2. Radio is awful.

    I've had my truck for 1000 miles. The radio did shutdown and reboot while driving home from the dealer. However I was talking on the bluetooth phone while my brother was messing with all kinds of settings on the screen. The only repeat issue I've had is with wireless Apple CarPlay. If I leave...
  3. Problem towing 9500 lbs with 2021 F150 Ecoboost 3.5L hybrid

    I agree. The sway is very likely correlated to the way the trailer is loaded. Also triple check the hitch setup. Height, and bar adjustment. I have a XLT 302a Powerboost with a 157" wheelbase and my payload sticker is 1610 lbs.
  4. HELP! Please. Which of these two F150's should I buy?

    Gotta have the 4X4 in the Northeast plus the 3.5. Lariat is a bonus too.
  5. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    That's exactly what happened to me. I showed the guy my number from Flood and said do this and I'm in. He was flabbergasted. Said their cost was higher than the Flood sell-price. He just shrugged it off with no drama, but a bit bummed I have to pay the $2k-ish up front vs rolling it into my low...
  6. Powerboost EV Coach

    Yeah I've found that if you just let all the way off the gas, it will go into charging mode, and then when you push the gas again, if conditions warrant, it will automatically go into Electric mode. I've been trying to anticipate where there isn't a hill, or there will be a long stretch of low...
  7. Do you run Syn 4 or Apple CarPlay?

    Possible that this question has been asked before; is there a way to completely disable the Sync 4 navigation? I just want to use the Car Play Google Maps and Waze.
  8. Powerboost EV Coach

    It's hard to put a real number on it, but I can say I felt like I was able to get longer run times out of the electric-only driving. I do live in a City though, so maybe different for most other F150 owners.
  9. Adaptative Cruise control

    My Bad, look like intelligent cruise control is different. Check out this thread:
  10. Powerboost EV Coach

    I've also had a lot of fun messing with the EV Coach. Very helpful. Also staggering to see how much energy it takes to get the truck moving vs keeping it moving. I've had some 30+MPG runs to the store and back in almost all electric mode. I've also noticed a staggering difference in hybrid...
  11. Adaptative Cruise control

    I only have a lowly XLT 302a with the Copilot 360 2.0, but I have experience with the adaptive cruise. First of all, the adaptive cruise in the 2021 F150 is the absolute best system that I've used so far. Very smooth and quick to adapt. On the XLT, it displays the actual speed limit of the...
  12. Powerboost - HVAC blowing cold air during electric mode

    Did you check the Powerflow screen in Features? Normally when there is a need for in-cabin heating, it will run the engine specifically to heat the cab. Did you try just turning up the setting on the HVAC controls?
  13. EcoBoost Versus PowerBoost

    I've got the Powerboost in a XLT. I'm only 300-something miles in and I love it. The power is insane, and the electric drive works way more than I thought it would around town. Plus, the Pro Power On-board is a revolution.
  14. 2021 Ford Limited F-150 Hybrid Powerboost Whining issue

    Same for me. It's much louder in the cabin than I thought it would be. I see this getting disconnected in the future, though I'm not sure yet.
  15. 2021 F-150 insurance costs

    I thought I saw someone posting asking about insurance cost differences. I just want to post mine up if anyone is curious. I'm coming from a 2016 F150 5.0L XLT to a 2021 F150 Powerboost XLT. I also live in Upstate, New York in a relatively urban zip code, am married and own my house, good credit...
  16. How to disable Brake Coach?

    I believe this pertains to the Powerboost Hybrids only. Every time you come to a stop, a little screen pops up that tells you what percentage of energy was recovered in that braking event.
  17. Got the new Powerboost today!

    Those are “chrome appearance package” running boards. They still have rubber inserts on them though. Don’t know if they hold the dirt the same as your KR or not though?