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  1. ***Limited Club***

    I live in Florida, they will not mail you a paper title, its electronic, I can log into the Florida DMV to check to see if the lien has been satisfied, once the lien has been satisfied I request a paper title from the DMV
  2. Waze Full Screen?

    I know that you can't make Waze use the full screen like sync nav uses but I thought I saw someone previously post a way to use Waze without the right side "card" screen. Can anyone verify or know how to do this?
  3. Tiles on left hand side stopped working

    I've tried with and without carplay, mine is very random.
  4. Tiles on left hand side stopped working

    the tile or card view in my truck works sometimes but most of the time it does not. I haven't noticed if mine is greyed out or not when it doesn't work.
  5. Ford financing incentive

    I've done the same thing on my last 3 trucks, I had them finance $15,000 on my Limited last week and will pay it off after the first payment to ford finance
  6. Button on lockable storage

    Thank you!! guess I should have opened it up before I asked!!
  7. Button on lockable storage

    Anybody know what this push button is for? It’s on the back wall of the underseat lockable storage
  8. Display "side screen" Card View Intermittent

    The side screen on my sync 4 display has 3 buttons underneath, an up arrow and down arrow and "card view" which enables you to scroll through the different available screens, most of the time the card view button won't do anything, up and down buttons work fine, only a few times when I have...
  9. Lane Keeping Questions

    This is what I feel my truck does as well.
  10. SYNC 4 3D map graphics

    I picked up my truck yesterday and on the way home driving though Miami I had 3D graphics tuned on and had virtually no 3D look like you have. Looks like they still have alot of mapping to do
  11. Wireless Charger not working with iphone12 pro max

    My iPhone 12 pro max will not charge on the wireless charger with or without the case, i get a message saying something is in the way and the phone is not charging. I have read on other forums that this is a problem only with the iphone12 pro max on F150'S, 250'S and 350's, anyone else having...
  12. Front Camera Washer

    On my 2019 the camera washer leaked really bad when I was in below freezing weather, has been fine since I got back to warm weather
  13. My new AMB Limited

    How do you like the interior and the blue trim?
  14. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Mine says Convoy and its on a train heading south
  15. ***Limited Club***

    How are you guys liking the Limited interiors, I ordered mine without seeing one, thats the only thing that concerns me
  16. Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    I can't get on either tracker today, and I do know that my truck shipped out of dearborn yesterday by rail