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  1. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    How many K's so far? When I reached 1000ks I put it in sports mode and we'll gas mileage sucked for 30min lol. Found road where I knew there was no cops lol. The 430hp really works lol. After that I did get better gas mileage as well.
  2. Water leak coming in from the speaker in the headliner with b&o

    Well I do hate that you guys are getting leaks from moon roof. However, I did have one car with t-roof, leaked. The 3 different cars with moon roofs, leaked. That is reason to not get moon roof. I do love the looks and air but didn't want another glass roof ever again. T-roof was Chevy and rest...
  3. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    Hi nor. Do you have a cover for box? I was getting 9.2-10 before cover. Plus I find driving in normal drive and not eco drive also saves on fuel. I drive from Kitchener to Orangeville all the time and it's better on fuel then the taurus I had. I haven't had chance to drive my truck on 407 as...
  4. Powerboost vs ecoboost

  5. Powerboost vs ecoboost

    Well to and from work with stop on way home to tims. :coffee::cool:. Highway kms and 80 kms zones and two towns to travel 50 kms back town had 3 plus traffic lights . Can you get this with your eco powered engines? I think not.
  6. Any negatives to the extendable Tow Mirrors?

    The tow mirrors make your vehicle look like a real truck!! The car mirrors, well if I want car mirrors I world buy a car.
  7. Console shifter

    Stx has column and knobs suck
  8. Console shifter

    It's all that power that you forget how fast you are going that causes mpg to go up. Sport mod isn't nice with fuel.
  9. Console shifter

    Yea they suck with knobs
  10. Console shifter

    Well you can get a column shiter with six. So why complain about the 'SHITER' hehehehe
  11. Sliding rear window - do I need it?

    Lol would you like to buy mine lol. I'll order another one same as I got.
  12. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    Which level of truck do you have?
  13. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    You can turn of the auto hold.
  14. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    There is a pin you must move up at back of seat. It will fold down.
  15. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    The powerboost is connect to the 12v I'll take picture and post. Sometime this week.
  16. Lane centering saying keep hands on wheel message even when hands are on wheel

    You do know it you are in an accident they can get a recording through the 360 cameras and the cameras inside the truck.
  17. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Lariat has same rust underneath. Mine was minor, I had it done when it got the undercoat done by dealer.
  18. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

  19. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Loaded xlt.