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  1. Thoughts on F-150 Axle Ratios

    You don’t have to run it dry, just record the miles driven and number of gallons to bring back to full and do the math, miles/gallons. You are not relying on the vehicle computer system to do the figuring.
  2. Topper availability?

    Is the ARE on the back window a decal or is it baked into the glass? Just not a fan of advertising something I just bought and paid for. No big deal, just curious.
  3. Topper availability?

    Is your ARE the Z Series? It looks like it, but I am no expert. I ordered the Z Series 3 weeks ago expecting to wait another 8 weeks or so. Yours looks very nice!
  4. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    I am not real sure about my mpg; however, today I filled up. Gauge said I had 505 miles to empty. I AM MAKING GASOLINE!!! About every 5-6 miles the gauge changes to a higher mileage to empty, the more I drive the greater my range before empty!! Started with 505 miles, drove about 30-40 miles...
  5. Jack points

    Regardless of how or where you Jack the truck up, GET SOME JACK STANDS. Might save your life.
  6. What do you call your truck?

    Simply Roadrunner!
  7. What do you call your truck?

    I will be the Roadrunner
  8. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    Happy Days!!! I do not know how to start a new thread and this may not belong here, but here we go!! I have been on this forum since August and I have read many, many helpful and informative posts (many by Albert and currybob). Those two gentlemen helped guide me through ordering, spec out and...
  9. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Have just over 200 miles and 22 hours and it goes to the body shop for $2000+ repairs!! Yep, some idiot does not know how to open a door in Oklahoma wind and hold it. Dinted door and damaged outside mirror. Luckily, I was setting in my truck when all of this happened!!! Now it spends a week...
  10. New here, got a question.

    Shady??? Better look into Line-X, NOT shady!
  11. New here, got a question.

    I would not sweat it! Have Line-X apply it and get a lifetime warranty!
  12. F150 2021

    Okay, I might have a reason??? If you are trying to beat the Chevy or Dodge in the next lane through a stop light or sign, you need all of the advantage you can get! Haha. So many people resist change!! Ole geezers can still remember a standard F100 (yep 100), started with 6 cylinder, stick...
  13. F150 2021

  14. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Wonderful, you got me!!! I hope my dealer sends me a picture of an inspected, clean and fueled up White Lariat before I die of old age!! Congrats!
  15. Who’s Happy!?!?

    This post is so refreshing!! I don’t mean my post, but the member who started the thread!! I know there will be issues with anything new and sometimes old; however, there seems to be soooo much soured milk!! A glass half full is sure better than one half empty! Glad to know that some folks...
  16. "My truck is built but won't ship" club..

    Well RawFord, I don’t want to brag but I might be able to one up you!! my truck was built 1/27, shipped 1/28 and delivered to the dealership this morning and I have not heard diddly from the dealership. I don’t have a clue when they might call me!
  17. Should I wait until 2022 model year?

    This forum is full of very useful information and a couple of people in particular stand out as “knowing their stuff”, currybob and Albert!! Thank you gentlemen for sharing your knowledge. There are just over 2,000 people who are members of this forum and can therefore post on the forum. Ford...
  18. Replacing OEM lug nuts to avoid future swelling

    This is not a problem unique to the 2021 model. My 2015 Lariat developed swollen lug nuts and were replaced. I was told that over time, most lug nuts will expand, some more than others. Does not really cause a safety issue, just makes them fit tighter in the lug wrench. The decorative ones...