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  1. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    Honestly, for a truck (no apples to oranges comparison with your Model Y here), even 300 isn't enough. That's because the cold-weather-while-towing-uphill-range needs be 300 to fully supplant ICE trucks. Even then, there will be holdouts, but I'd say that's the number to make them a vocal...
  2. 2022 Lightning Pro sold out [update: confirmed]

    I agree with your second statement, but it doesn't make your first statement true.
  3. 2022 F-150 Build and Price is up at the Ford website

    Hopefully it's just an oversight with the B&P being so new, but XLT High doesn't get you push button start and dual zone automatic climate control anymore?
  4. When is the F-150 2022 build configurator coming?

    I would buy into this reasoning except the Maverick B&P came out and was adjusted for price hikes just fine. The pricing and dependencies working in NADA guides means I'm at a loss for why Ford can't just flip the switch.
  5. When is the F-150 2022 build configurator coming?

    Does seem a tad ridiculous that 2022s are now on dealer lots but the B&P isn't up...
  6. Upcoming F-150 Lightning Livestream: 1/18 @ 9pm EST – covering Productivity features, how-to and walk-arounds

    I'd like clarification on why adding the Tow Technology Package to a Pro removes Co-Pilot360. Hopefully this is just an error in the B&P?
  7. Lightning Pro build makes you choose between Co Pilot 360 and Trailer Tech PKG?

    I had this thought as well and chalked it up to a bug, but since it's still present in the B&P, it's a little concerning.
  8. Dealer can't tell me my place in line?

    I genuinely don't mean to sound preachy, but this is why brand loyalty is an outdated concept. Every purchase is a chance to do new research and reach a different conclusion on what's best for you. Being loyal to any organization out to turn a profit is a rather one-sided relationship.
  9. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV

    I can get over the looks given the superior numbers vs the Lightning elsewhere, but that payload capacity gives me pause...
  10. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV

    My charging cable is pretty long, so I guess I wasn't even on the look-out for where the port was.
  11. 👨‍💻 F-150 Lightning Build & Price Configurator Now Live! Post Your Build

    I typically prefer nothing "ignites" in my BEVs so a keyed "ignition" (which was hinted at by some Ford livestreams IIRC) always seemed odd.
  12. 👨‍💻 F-150 Lightning Build & Price Configurator Now Live! Post Your Build

    I feel like the only one excited by this pricing. I expected them to hold back most Pros for fleet orders anyway, so I don't mind waiting a few years, but I was sure I'd have to step up to XLT to get something like push-button start or climate control. Being able to stick with the Pro is a huge...
  13. Video: 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Process Summary [Long McArthur Ford]

    I'm in the same boat. I don't need a new truck immediately, so getting pushed to a later model year doesn't bother me. But I'll cancel my Maverick order for a Lightning... as soon as the tax credit passes.
  14. First Glimpse @ F-150 Lightning Build & Price Starting to Come Online!

    It wasn't really a relevant site. Note the ICE model pictured and the $40k price for the XLT. Likely just a test that wasn't meant to be publicly accessible.
  15. Nissan wants in on electric pickup space - reveals Surf-Out Concept

    Obnoxious as I find this design (to be clear: very), it's encouraging to see legacy automakers at least thinking about compact electric pickups.
  16. 2023 Ford Ranger revealed!

    I think I like the front-end the most out of the Ford trucks, though the unibody style does make me wonder about the cost of a fender-bender.
  17. Build back American bill passes [ CLOSED DUE TO DELETED POLITICS POSTS]

    Unaltered? I agree. I don't expect the union provisions to survive and the amount may come down, but for the bill to die entirely? In my opinion, that's unlikely.
  18. Uh, Oh... looks like the EV tax credits are hitting an obstacle

    Purely anecdotal, but if the tax credit doesn't pass, I'll just stick with my Made-in-Mexico Maverick order. Pretty sure that's not the outcome either side of the aisle is looking for.