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  1. 🛻 F-150 LARIAT Lounge 🪢

    This thread is devoted to them: Quite a few others floating around the “Show & Tell” section not feature there. My land yacht is currently scheduled to be built toward the end...
  2. Anyone Running an Reusable Air Filter on 5.0?

    “The modifications are expected to be applied to GT and Mach 1 models.” Looks like those changes are strictly for the Mustang. The ol butt dyno probably isn’t going to notice the additional 5-10 hp a CAI will provide, but it will probably notice a CAI, exhaust, and tune.
  3. Nitto Terra Grapplers G2 SL-Snow?

    I already have these and holy cow did I buy at the right time as it looks like the price on em just keeps going up. They however won't be on the vehicle for this winter season since the vehicle gets here after winter is over... From everything I've read, they do well in the snow, it's the wet...
  4. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    I did, sympathy to those who didn’t. Hopefully next week. May your PCOs find you at the right time and the retail offers be bountiful when you take delivery, for you’ve endured.
  5. 03/21/22 Build Week

    Did you crack a little grin when you got that e-mail?
  6. Still no 2022 Build & Price - where are you even at Ford?

    Let’s not harass our local forum Ford rep ladies and gents. They are likely disclosed the same information as the Ford Marketing. Department. That department can confirm it is “coming soon”. Confident we can thank the Bronco B&P rollout for Ford no longer offering “dates”. I think it was Mike...
  7. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Let us know when you have the gender reveal! I know you want a 1/2 ton, but I think it’s gonna be a 3/4 ton.
  8. XLT vs Lariat vs Platinum

    Boils down to one thing and one thing only imho. Creature comforts. I can spec a F-150 XL to a higher tow rating than any other F-150 trim because it isn’t going to be weighed down by unnecessary creature comforts. But I’m getting long in the tooth and my hands like to remind me when it’s 8* F...
  9. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    I saw that too, but I still see it in stock at big retailers like Amazon and Advanced Auto also so I’m not so certain. BITOG is probably the second oldest forum on the internet behind 4chan. Hope I don’t get in trouble for linking it. I found this thread interesting.
  10. When is the F-150 2022 build configurator coming?

    Bronco B&P also came out and was adjusted for hikes quickly too, but Bronco, Lightning, and Maverick are new shiny things that can’t be easily found on a dealership lot in wide variety. 22 F150s are more expensive 21s with a few minor features removed. I also wonder if Ford is kicking around...
  11. 2022 Lariat Orders October 2021

    Having ordered a Lariat in December, all these threads about Unscheduled Lariats are not giving me warm fuzzies.
  12. Screen Protech Giveaway!!! F150 Screen Protection Film-- Contest Details Inside

    I guess I’m not surprised there not revealing what the film is exactly (sounds proprietary, but I’m guessing a PET material). Is there any warranty? Are you shipping complimentary bricks? Shipping seems high for something that shouldn’t weigh more than a couple ounces.
  13. Help me choose new emblems

    Where did you find these? I just want Space White lettering.
  14. When is the F-150 2022 build configurator coming?

    I'm kind of expecting another price bump. I think that's a big reason they haven't released it yet, moving targets on base prices.
  15. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    It was actually in a different thread and not the one I linked because I went down a small rabbit hole. After a little research I found that Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w-30 doesn’t have that great of a...
  16. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    Wasn't trying to correct you, just pointing out the search and showing you what I found, I'm glad you asked actually, found some useful information regarding engine oils for my 5.0 in there.
  17. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    Look what just popped in my Google feed…
  18. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    Ahh I275 and I4 in Florida. Someone likened autopilot to a drunk teenager…
  19. Ford Files Patent For Multifunction Tailgate

    Looks like another payload reduction.