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  1. 2022 F-150 Build and Price is up at the Ford website

    I did it will be along soon probably up today but like the us not actually working lol I tried .com it didn’t work
  2. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    So after talking to the sales guy no he did the exact opposite of what I asked for sad ! I canceled but he wants to wait and see if this thing has red interior witch of coarse it does ! so i will have to see what it looks like when it arrives ! Hopefully it will be okay
  3. Lariat Upfitter Package??!!

    Looks to me Someone is having a bit of fun with window stickers there about 7 errors on that LOL its going by mail HA hahaha It is a 21 but the sticker was created on the 14th Jan 22 LOL plus a few more issues I see
  4. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Lets hope we all get threw and no one gets bumped !!
  5. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Oh Ya I ordered BAP to get rid of the Red Brown Dash and doors ! so If this thing has a Black Dash and doors were all good I can live with the rest
  6. 01/24/2022 Build Week
  7. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Yup window sticker is there now not seeing BAP listed ? If that’s the case then it’s not my truck but it does say black interior so we will see
  8. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Carful not to get your expectations to high now we could all be kicked back a month as well
  9. 01/24/2022 Build Week is the regular the one you posted I believe correct me if I am wrong its from ford pass app
  10. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    I was thinking that as well it will most likely be there in the morning ! but I am not holding my breath on that of coarse !
  11. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Welcome Your 2022 F-150 Early Order LARIAT is "In Production". In Production Your order is being manufactured at one of our factories. This can take a few days. When you have a moment, tryout the link to your Window Sticker that is now available lower on the page. Ford Accessories Order...
  12. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Mine Now Says In Production but no Window Sticker even tho it says your window sticker is now available its not LOL
  13. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Order it now RockingChair take's 12 weeks to get a blend date ! LOL depending on Options and trim level of coarse!
  14. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Thank you for that
  15. What do you call your truck?

    Awesome only one recall so far ! LOL
  16. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    how do we know for sure it is a deerborn build ? things change no ?
  17. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    Correct please bear in mind I get this info from my dealer he says the build date. Jan 27th the blend date Jan25th I still have nothing in actual writing to confirm any of it ! and still no window sticker so my guess is feb 30 LOL
  18. 01/24/2022 Build Week

    I just heard from My Salesman and Blend date is Jan 25th ? Still no window sticker Tho humm he didn't not mention a year ? LOL