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  1. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    i dont understand the job 1 vs job 2.. i bought a raptor 801a... built Oct-21.. should it have bluecruise now?
  2. So I tinted my front windshield....

    Yeah I will try and live with it if that's the case. I'm going to see how it is during the dead of the day and how often it will adjust. I just noticed last night and this morning. Both times the sun wasnt fully out.. we shall see.. But for those who haven't done this on their windshield. Let...
  3. So I tinted my front windshield....

    I did the xpel prime xr plus on the front windshield.. 50%... Now my screen sensor thinks its dark during the day and the only time it will automatically adjust is if my truck is directly at the son if that makes sense.. and even then most of the time it doesn't trigger.. Anyone know where the...
  4. Oklahoma 2021 F-150 Platinum Wheels and Hankook Tires

    I have a set of takeoff wheels/tires from my 2021 F-150 Platinum. These were removed after 1k miles and replaced with a new set of wheels/tires. In excellent shape. $1,250 OBO. Must pickup in Tulsa, OK.
  5. After market wheels/tires and horrible gas mileage.

    Now before someone says.. “what do you expect?” Hear me out. Truck is a 3.5 eco. I am getting like 13.0-13.5 at 65mph and 15.0-15.5 in city. Which is weird to me. I’ve got fuel rebels and 295/60/20 ridge grapplers w 2” level. What is everyone else getting? Also, dealer won’t fix my speedo. Is...
  6. Wheel/Tire offset decision

    I have a 2021 Platinum and looking at a new wheel/tire combination. I have some options. All consist of Nitto Ridge Grappler and Fuel 20x9 wheels. 1) 285/60/20 w/ +1 offset 2) 295/60/20 w/ +20 offset 3) 295/60/20 w/ +1 offset What do you guys think will look better? My truck has a 2" level...
  7. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    I am wanting to do something with my factory tires... they just are so underwhelming for a $70k platinum.. so heres my question... for an offroad type tire that will perform on city streets/highway driving.. What are my best options? I would prefer not to lose another 2-3 MPG. I feel like ive...
  8. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    what the hell do you guys do with your stock tires? AM I being cheap? LOL
  9. 2.25" leveling kit installed on my 2021 F-150 XLT PowerBoost

    What are you guys doing with your old tires? Selling them? If so where?
  10. First Warranty repair - Charging System Service Now (Charge System Fault)

    the thing i hate is i use a fast charging setup through the front outlet to charge my iphone and with pro power off, the outlet doesn't work.... that fan is annoying too.
  11. Doors hard to shut

    LOL. I said the same thing on a post and they told me that they just were new and had to be wore in.... trust me, these doors are hard to shut. I hope it gets better but i find myself having to re-shut them almost every time i drive with someone in the truck
  12. First Warranty repair - Charging System Service Now (Charge System Fault)

    good luck. here is hoping they make a software update to change the pro power to be constantly on... for one thing, it's annoying!
  13. Ceramic Coating requires top clear coat layer to be removed?

    so with PPF is this more for the front of the car to prevent scratches and chips? Sorry for the newbie questions. i'm completely ignorant on this topic.
  14. New PCO's (cash offers) after Jan 4th

    I just received a pco via email for $2k that expires 3/31. I just bought my truck with one that previously expired 1/4.
  15. First Warranty repair - Charging System Service Now (Charge System Fault)

    As I guessed. If you turn off pro power, none of the plugs work.
  16. First Warranty repair - Charging System Service Now (Charge System Fault)

    i don't believe the outlets inside the cab will work with it off. Could that be the reason?
  17. First Warranty repair - Charging System Service Now (Charge System Fault)

    i was wondering why that damn fan was constantly on. WOW... turning off now
  18. My 1500 mile 2021 F-150 owner review...

    Is it just me or are the doors extremely hard to shut. I catch myself having to go back and shut them twice.
  19. Got my platinum with Carmelo in.....

    It’s exactly that. Very dark gray though