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  1. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    Dude... this thing is a game changer! It's amazing how much "fake noise" that speaker actually makes at low speeds... even after the truck switches from electric to gas. But with this mod its almost completely silent! The device is well built and was easy to install. Thanks Will!
  2. Powered My HVAC 6+ hours during ice storm with Pro Power Onboard

    Nice job! I did the same thing to the wiring on my furnace just before the winter storm hit Houston last February. Turned off the breaker, cut the supply wire and installed an outlet. On the other side of the cut wire (going to the furnace) I wired up a 15-amp 125-volt 3-wire plug. Then I laid...
  3. Couple things . . .

    Anyone have pics of this mod? I have the work surface lid... hopefully this fix is still applicable?
  4. Couple things . . .

    So if the "weak spring" was by design I probably shouldn't have the dealer replace it. The less they mess around with my truck the better. Now I'm wondering if all the work surface consoles are the same but no dealers around me have inventory to compare mine with!
  5. Blue cruise OTA?

    A rep from Ford Vehicle Technology Escalations told me that when Blue Cruise becomes available for my truck Ford will notify me. She also said not to expect it until maybe Q2 2022. I'll have to pay a $600 fee for three years of BC service, and then its pushed to my vehicle. So I'd imagine its...
  6. Couple things . . .

    I have the same problem with the center console lid. My dealer is going to replace it under warranty. Hopefully that fixes it!
  7. Gray Dot on Instrument Panel at Startup

    Has anyone else seen a gray dot or circle near the speedometer on startup? I have no idea what it means. It appears next to the zero in the speedometer and disappears after 20-30 seconds. Does not appear at every startup, just occasionally.
  8. Power-up 1.7.1 OTA Installed

    Man I wish there was a way to force updates. Its irritating that there newer software available for my truck but I have to wait around for Ford to send them to me someday. I can understand their decision to slow roll updates but if a customer makes a conscious effort to check for available...
  9. Issues Connecting to Home WiFi Mesh Network

    Interesting... I haven't tried an open network yet. I'll give it a shot... thanks!
  10. Issues Connecting to Home WiFi Mesh Network

    Has anyone had issues connecting their vehicle to a mesh WiFi network? I've been unable to connect to my home WiFi ever since I purchased the truck two months ago. It will connect to the personal hotspot on my phone, but not the mesh network. Here is what happens: on the SYNC4 system I go to...
  11. Anyone have a storage Trey that they got from Amazon

    Does it rattle at all? And does the OEM Ford pouch containing instruction manuals and stuff fit in the large slot in the bottom glove compartment?
  12. Onboard Scales

    @F-150 Prius bummer you're right about my truck... this entire time my dealer led me to believe it was equipped with CCD & OBS. Guessing I have no recourse now. Ford needs to get their act together on this window sticker business. They should just list every item that could be considered an...
  13. Onboard Scales

    Any way to tell if we have the hardware for it? My production date was 03/15/2021 but the taillamps appear to have load indicator LEDs in them.
  14. Onboard Scales

    Does anyone have onboard scales on their 2021 F-150? I just bought a 2021 Limited PowerBoost last week and I don't have an app for scales anywhere in the SYNC4 system. SYNC4 indicates no updates available. The dealer told me the truck is equipped with scales (despite no indication on the window...