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  1. Front and rear emblems to match Leadfoot color?

    Damnit man... just when I thought I was done with my build LOL
  2. 2021 Rapid Red XLT leveled on 34s

    Check your tire pressure... they ride rough up in the 40s but don't need to be that high
  3. 2021 F-150 on 2.25" Leveling Kit and 34's

    Interesting Wildpeaks lol... nice truck man
  4. B & O UNLEASHED, but what?

    Please tell me you know my guy Kevin Peck?!
  5. Tremor pics after coilovers, tires, wheels and tint

    LMAO landscapers truck.... This sits perfect nice truck man.
  6. 285/70R18 with +20 offset and no level

    Looks good!! Did you have your grill and fender emblems painted or are they wrapped?!?
  7. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    What's up fellow Daytona Beach 2021 502A owner! Leadfoot here... see you around
  8. Lariat Sport Interior Survey

    I was hesitant at first as well due to the red look in online pics but in person I really like the contrast and it's definitely more of a dark brown rich color
  9. My F-150 build

    Helps a whole lot actually man. Appreciate the thorough response and I’ll be waiting it out because of this!!
  10. My F-150 build

    Thanks for responding man... I've got the Pro-Truck 2.0 on order for my 502A with the 3.5EB and FX4. Purchased my wheels and tires a couple months ago and I'm now just waiting on suspension to level it out. Would any of the existing kits work for this? Honestly just looking to get it done...
  11. My F-150 build

    would love to hear more about the eibach suspension?!? Have the new kit on order but I'm starting to get tired of the wait and would be interested to see if I should be patient or explore other options
  12. Ford Accessories - Bed Mat - Impact

    if I was a betting man I'd say Ford sourced this from the BedRug Impact mat... could check the reviews and such from them to help make your decision?
  13. My first truck ever in my life! Installed a pedal commander today and love the way it drives

    any issues installing or running the 6112s?? Would love to run this setup but every installer near me says the they're "not compatible" BS
  14. RAPID RED F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    Am I the only one bothered by the front lightbar and headlights having a weird alignment?
  15. LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Club

    we're going to be twins soon once I get my wheels/tires put on.... DAMN that looks good.
  16. Aftermarket Wheels / Tires Thread

    Option C. Least offset and most narrow tire....
  17. F-150 production at Kansas City plant will pause for 1 week starting August 23

    Guess who just got their window sticker this morning with a blend date of 8/24.... it's laughable at this point.
  18. 4x2 Club (2021+ F-150) 🛻

    Agreed. Central FL here and 4WD is a useless added expense and something else that can break.