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  1. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Started at 01/15 -> 01/25 -> 01/29 -> 01/31 -> 02/02 -> back to 01/31 So. Frustrating.
  2. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Date pushed again to 02/02 now. 😡
  3. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Granger does it when the truck is delivered. I plan to do it over the phone and when I fly in to pick it up just do the final signing to be out the door quick.
  4. 3% Under Invoice 2022 F-150 Order - Granger Ford

    It was $2500 to Miami. <$500 for flights and hotels, figured I'd make a trip out of it and will drive it back instead.
  5. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Ordered 10/27 Built 12/28 supposedly per the tracker 🤷‍♂️ Blend date says 12/15 on the window sticker.
  6. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    12/28 build date if you want to add.
  7. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I feel like they are pushing them all back together to ship them together to similar locations because of the lack of drivers. Granger will likely get a large order the first week of February or last week of January. I hope their purchasing department is ready. 🤷‍♂️
  8. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Same here. Went from 01/25 to 01/29 and now to 01/31. Maybe it'll come one day. Pretty sure it's been sitting in KC since the first week of January. I'm about to go drive it over myself to the dealer.
  9. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    I'm in the same boat. Don't want to keep bothering Granger, but kind of triggered that I can track $10 Amazon packages between than my $70k truck.
  10. 12/13 Build Week

    Is your Ford pass showing the trucks active location? How were you able to do that?
  11. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    Anyone know any details on the shipping delays? My Tremor went by rail on 12/30 and made it to KC first week of January, but since then no delivery. ETA has been pushed back twice and is now 01/29. Palsapp still shows as pending so no info, just what dealer has mentioned. Feels like 3 weeks is a...
  12. My Tremor: leveled, aftermarket wheels and tires

    Beautiful work. How's the ride, MPG, and road noise with those tires compared to stock?
  13. Tremor pics after coilovers, tires, wheels and tint

    Looks amazing man, seriously. Congratulations on getting the perfect look! Exact look I had on my mind for what I want on my Oxford white. Could you share cost for the boards, wheels/tires, suspension, and install? Which boards did you get? Amp has a few options.
  14. 2022 F-150 Tremor Scheduling Thread

    Sorry to hear that. Was this after you got the "shipped" email, or did you never get the shipped email? I got the email that it shipped and is expected to he delivered 01/12-01/18, palsapp shows pending but palsapp is also showing pending for some already delivered trucks from what I've...