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  1. Ford F-150 Off-Road Comparison: FX4 vs. Tremor vs. Raptor

    It to me looked like they intentionally sent the fx4 up that hill in a way that would not clear the running boards when it would have cleared if he had gone a bit left there.
  2. What insurance company for your f150?

    that option in the sync settings has been off since I got the truck. I never had to turn it off.
  3. What insurance company for your f150?

    That’s funny cause I was under the impression that you had to opt in to that sharing. I have that option turned off in my truck since I got it.
  4. Oem F-150 2021 Turn Sinal Light Mirrors with Hotspot wont turn on a F-150 STX 2021

    If your old mirrors did not have the option it would need to be turned on with forscan. Changes will need to be made in both ddm and pdm
  5. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    Not anymore. You can order a truck with it now and you will have full access to it when you get the truck. ford released it to current in production vehicles.
  6. BlueCruise not available until second half 2022 - says Ford customer service

    It’s not available for those of us that bought trucks with the prep package from before job 2 when it was included. My truck is set up for it but I can’t use it until ford releases the update to my truck.
  7. Adaptive cruise issues

    This was a bit more common on 15/16 but was mostly taken care of in updates since then. You could ask you dealer if they can recalibrate the front sensor for it in case its off a bit.
  8. 📊 F-150 Lightning ORDERS Tracking List & Stats [Add Yours!]

    When the price of 312a is $9500 for roughly $4200 worth of stuff the xlt just isn’t worth it. That pushed me out of getting the xlt all together. If I still get one its going to be a lariat now.
  9. 👨‍💻 F-150 Lightning Build & Price Configurator Now Live! Post Your Build

    That’s where one of my biggest complaints for the xlt comes from is there doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to $10k worth of extras to the 312a so why they aren’t including the bat like the lariat at that price I am very confused.
  10. FordPass - Scriptable Widget (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    Just got this error. Noticed the fuel percentage being negative.
  11. Ordered 2022 Lightning - My Experience

    Anybody know this has me looking more at the xlt over the lariat now