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  1. Lightning Build & Price for Canada?

    For me driving 25,000km/yr, Hydro One rate of $0.23/kWh and gas at $1.50/L, the savings are $3,300/yr. Insurance - I expect a 10-30% increase. Towing performance - I expect a major increase when towing thanks to instant torque. Pulling onto busy roads or passing slow vehicles will be much...
  2. Charging the F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need To Know [Video]

    It looks like the Charge Station Pro has DC ports for DC out of the battery to the house, in turn requiring an inverter at the house. This doesn't make logical sense to me since the truck already has 30A 240V AC in the box. I have a feeling connecting the V2H through the charge station pro...
  3. Canada Lightning Thread 🇨🇦

    My dealer just told me it looks like it will go into production in May and delivery in Fall.
  4. Home solar pricing and options?

    Should also note that SMART program is paid over a 10 year period. This means you pay $32k or $50k up front. Then next tax season, you get 26% back plus $1,000 state rebate. Then over the next 10 years you get paid the incentives. It's not like you only pay $11k upfront. That is your Net Cost...
  5. Home solar pricing and options?

    I sell solar in MA. Best state for incentives, especially with batteries. Note that in MA if you go over 20kWh of battery storage, there can be additional fire protection required depending on the local department. This can add significant costs (separate battery room with sprinklers and 5/8...
  6. Canada Lightning Thread 🇨🇦

    I don't think CDN dealers can actually place orders with Ford yet. I was going back and forth with my dealer yesterday but given no real info. Now when I log into my account though, the reservation page has changed to the bottom of the attached image.