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  1. No Home Back-Up System Equipment Specs

    My charger is already plugged into a 50A outlet, I *could* just unplug the charger and backfeed to the charger outlet. Disclaimer: Obviously don't do this! It's totally illegal!
  2. Just How In Demand ARE EV Trucks

    The base price on the Bolt is $31,500. The Leaf is $27,500 but that's for the 150 mi range version. The 225mi starts at $32,500. The Mini EV only ha 110 miles of range. I wouldn't consider anything under 200-225 miles to be a broadly appealing EV, the longer range Leaf and Bolt are in the...
  3. Just How In Demand ARE EV Trucks

    The Model 3 is just about the cheapest EV you can buy. No manufacturer is releasing a $25k EV in the near future. I can guarantee that when the market is ready for that Tesla will have a competitive offering. Also, the average new car sale price last year was $46k. The days of $25k new cars...
  4. Dealer Allocation

    I'm not sure where to put this info but a thread called "Dealer Allocation" should be as any... I went to my dealer yesterday and chatted with the sales guy about where I am in the process, he showed me their internal list of reservations. It looks like they've had 7 invites so far and I'm...
  5. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    Yes, I understand what you are trying to say. I’m saying it’s an incorrect claim. 0 to 100 is accessible range at all times even if it’s better for the life if the battery to keep in within 20-80. The usable range is 0-100 and best practices are 20-80, or 10-90, but that does not reduce the...
  6. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    anything in the vehicle counts towards payload, including passengers.
  7. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    Yes, the R1T is supposedly a few hundred pounds heavier as well. 300 seems doable for the F150 but i’d be surprised if it was much more. I would say even 320 is out of the question.
  8. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    I'll just be happy with a real 300. With a 131kWh battery I don't think it's realistic to expect much more than that. It would need to get 2.3mi/kWh efficiency just to hit 300. That would make it more efficient than the R1T, which is a smaller vehicle.
  9. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    I think the major factor in holding value will be the range. Unfortunately 230 is not even a good range number in 2022 let alone in a few years. 300 will be competitive for a while. Depending on how things progress I would definitely consider getting getting out of it in 3 years if it looked...
  10. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    Thanks, I'm leaning towards the Lariat ER as well. I built an ICE Lariat with the same features as the Lightning Lariat and it came to $70k. That's pretty much the same as the Lariat ER after the tax credit. I've never paid over $25k for a daily driver so $80k is quite a sticker shock.
  11. Just How In Demand ARE EV Trucks

    I think you guys are underestimating the level of brand loyalty/recognition Tesla has built up, especially with younger people. Even kids. Whenever I talk about new cars with my kids (10 and 13) they want to know if I'm going to get a Tesla next. It's pretty much the only car brand they know...
  12. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    Welp, now I really need to start thinking about what I want to do. I went down to my dealer and it looks like (based on their internal system) that I'm next in line at the dealership. They've had 7 orders in the first two waves, so I would think they would get some in wave 3 as well. I'm...
  13. Just How In Demand ARE EV Trucks

    This is the important point. The demand for EV trucks isn't very high in the grand scheme of things but it's WAY higher than the supply (which is currently zero) and will be ahead of supply for quite a few years. Even the most aggressive analysts don't expect EVs to reach 50% of new car sales...
  14. Ordered 2022 Lightning - My Experience

    Imagine if you reserved a Cybertruck? It will be over 3 years before they deliver on the early reservations. If they deliver at all.
  15. Usually get refund. How should i prepare for EV credit?

    You can have some of my tax bill, I have plenty for both of us. ☹
  16. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    EVs are definitely still in their infancy. As of today there are exactly zero full size EV trucks on the road.
  17. Wave 3 Feb 3rd ~ XLT SR

    For one, you've completely changed your argument. But putting that aside, second hand resale values for ICE trucks will not predict second hand values for EV trucks over the next several years because the supply and demand situation is completely different. Also, no one said you would get back...